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Dwayne Miller Awarded RSC Centenary Prize

Dwayne Miller Awarded RSC Centenary Prize

Congratulations to Prof. Dwayne Miller, who has won an RSC Centenary Prize for 2016! The Centenary Prizes are awarded to outstanding chemists, who are also exceptional communicators, from overseas to give lectures in the British Isles. Prof. Miller has been awarded the prize for his contributions to the development of femtosecond electron diffraction to realise the first atomic movies of chemical reactions and for his service to making science inspiring to the general public.

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Founders of Chemistry Startup Phantin Recognized as UofT Inventors of the Year

Founders of Chemistry Startup Phantin Recognized as UofT Inventors of the Year

Phantin, a dust-repelling, self-cleaning nanomaterial coating that keeps solar panels clean, has been recognized as one of UofT's top inventions of the year. Inventors Cheng Lu and Prof. Cynthia Goh were named UofT Inventors of the Year on May 17, 2016 for their invention, which helps keep solar panels clean, boosts their energy production and requires less maintenance. It has been shown to improve solar electricity generation by four percent, which could transalte to an extra 0.45 billion kWh of electricity by 2020, and field tests are already underway near Toronto.

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