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Patrick Gunning Wins the 2015 McLean Award

Patrick Gunning Wins the 2015 McLean Award

Patrick Gunning is the 2015 McLean Award recipient. The purpose of the McLean Award is to support outstanding basic research at the University of Toronto in the following fields: physics, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, engineering sciences, and the theory and methods of statistics.

In the News:

Congrats to Jeff An, Spencer Zhao, Alexander Cui and Scott Xiao!

Congrats to Jeff An, Spencer Zhao, Alexander Cui and Scott Xiao!

We are thrilled to announce the Canadian results from the 47th International Chemistry Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan. There are as follows:

  • Scott Xiao (Burnaby North Secondary School): silver medal (placed 36th in the world) Alexander Cui (University of Toronto Schools): silver medal
  • Spencer Zhao (University of Toronto Schools): bronze medal
  • Jeff An (University of Toronto Schools): bronze medal

These results are very notable for a number of reasons. It is the first time that Canadian team members have all earned medals at a "Russian" Olympiad, and the first time that silver medals have been earned at such an event. In addition, team captain Scott Xiao was one place away from earning a gold medal, the best performance by a Canadian student in four years.

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