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Ask A Laureate speakers on May 6, 2011

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Video recording of the lectures

To see the recording please see:

Welcome & Prof. Kroto

Prof. Kumacheva

Magic Moments & Prof. Polanyi

Dr. Zimmerman

For last year's lectures (2010) please see:


On Friday May 6th 2011, the Chemistry Department and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research will be hosting the second annual "Ask a Laureate" event at Convocation Hall, U of T, 31 King's College Circle. This will be an opportunity for high school students as well as the general public across the country, to both hear, and ask questions of, award-winning chemists who have helped to transform our world by their discoveries. Join us or attend on-line to help us celebrate 2011, the International Year of Chemistry.


9:30 am
Professor Robert Morris,
Chair of Chemistry

Master of Ceremonies
Steve Paikin, Anchor & Senior Editor,
The Agenda with Steve Paikin
9:40 am
Harold Kroto
"Carbon in Nano and Outer Space"
10:05 am
10:15 am
Eugenia Kumacheva
"Big discoveries made in miniature laboratories"
10:40 am
10:50 am
11:00 am
Magic Moments
11:10 am
John Polanyi
"The Molecular Dance in Chemical Reaction."
11:35 am
11:45 am
Juerg Zimmerman
"Discovery of the Anti-Cancer Drug: Gleevec"
12:10 pm
12:20 pm
Present Essay Contest winners with certificate and Closing Remarks
12:30 pm

Instructions on How to Hook up

if you can't make the trip to Convocation Hall, University of Toronto

>> See the previous year 2010 program

Sir Harold W. Kroto  

Professor Sir Harold W. Kroto

1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

For his contribution to the discovery of fullerenes

Eugenia Kumacheva  

Professor Eugenia Kumacheva

L'ORÉAL-UNESCO Award for Women in Science, 2009 Laureate for North America

For the design and development of new materials with many applications including targeted drug delivery and materials for high density optical storage

John C. Polanyi  

Professor John C. Polanyi

1986 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

For his contributions to a new field in chemistry -- reaction dynamics

Juerg Zimmerman  

Dr. Juerg Zimmerman

2004 Discoverers Award, innovation.org

For his contribution to the development of Gleevec

This event is made possible with the generous support of the Department of Chemistry, the Faculty of Arts and Science, the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research