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Ask A Laureate May 10, 2013

Earth Sciences Auditorium 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
(ES1050), SW corner of Willcocks & Huron (Map)

Video recording of the lectures

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Artur Izmaylov

Rebecca Jockusch

Magic Moments

Jennifer Murphy

Essay Contest


Shana Kelley
Shana Kelley

Professor of Chemistry & Pharmacy Director, Division of Biomolecular Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Toronto

Selected Awards

Patrick Gunning

Associate Professor of Chemistry
University of Toronto at Mississauga

Selected Awards

Patrick Gunning

Rebecca Jockusch
Rebecca Jockusch

Associate Professor of Chemistry
University of Toronto

Selected Awards

Artur Izmaylov

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
University of Toronto at Scarborough


  • 2012-2017 NSERC Discovery Grant
  • 2009 IBM - Löwdin Award for Postdoctoral Researchers, 49th Sanibel Symposium
  • 2008 John L. Margrave thesis award in chemistry, Rice University
  • 2007 Lodieska Stockbridge Vaughn Fellowship, Rice University
  • 2007 IBM - Zerner Award for Graduate Students, 47th Sanibel Symposium
  • 2006 Harry B. Weiser Research Award in Chemistry, Rice University
Artur Izmaylov


9:30 Welcome
9:40 Artur Izmaylov
When chemistry gets quantum
10:05 Q & A
10:15 Rebecca Jokusch
FRETing about molecules
10:40 Q & A
10:50 break
11:00 Magic Moments
11:10 Patrick Gunning
Cornering Cancer
11:35 Q & A
11:45 Shana Kelley
Nano-antennae for sensing disease biomarkers
12:10 Q & A
12:20 Essay Competition Winners Recognized
12:30 Closing Remarks

This event is made possible with the generous support of the Department of Chemistry.