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NMR at the Department of Chemistry offers services to both University and outside users. Most of our equipment is operated hands-on by trained graduate and undergraduate students. Staff are on hand to advise and train students, to run more complicated experiments and to run outside requests.

For inside users - users in the Department of Chemistry and affiliated with the University of Toronto, there is information on upcoming training sessions, FAQs, sign-up rules, and electronic versions of forms.

For outside users - those not affiliated with the University of Toronto, there is contact information and some sample prices.

Our Booking System allows you to book one of our devices online anywhere! At a glance, you can view the available schedules and book your desired time slot(s).

Need training? People who wanted to be trained on the solution NMR spectrometers should sign up for classes. We offer a wide range of classes from beginner's level to advanced level.

For more info, please go to the NMR official website