Priority Enrollment Programs:

This course is required (or one of several required options) for students in a number of chemistry Programs of Study (subject POSts). Only students in these programs can apply through ROSI during the priority round commencing in July.

If you are in a priority program but the course is full you will be wait-listed during the priority enrollment period. If you have not been successful by the time open enrollment commences in August, please follow the instructions for students in other programs below.

If you are in a priority program but getting a message that you are not eligible for the course, then either your program has not been approved yet (please check your application status) or you are trying to enrol outside the window for your year of study (please check the registration instructions linked from the Faculty timetable)

CHM217 and BCH210:

Unfortunately, timetable, equipment, and room availability issues mean that there is only one CHM217 lab section which does not conflict with BCH210 in the Fall semeseter. As a result, the Monday lab section (PRA0101) is reserved for priority program students.

Students who wish to take both courses in the Fall but are unable to get into this lab section should e-mail the course instructor in September before the first week of classes, who will attempt to find someone to switch with them. Please note that it is not possible to add more lab sections, and there is a hard cap on the number of students in each section.

Students needing to take both courses are reminded that BCH210 is typically offered in the summer session as well, while CHM217 is only offered in the Fall.

Students in Other Programs:

All non-program students must wait until open enrolment commences in August, at which time they must apply through the chemistry department holding list. Applications will be processed by the instructor, and offers sent to eligible student by email throughout August into early September. This process will continue until the course is full.

If you are not in a priority program, you will not be able to register for this course through ACORN/ROSI; neither will your college registrar be allowed to do this for you. You must use the departmental holding list.

Non-program students are assessed by the instructor on the basis of their background preparation and availability for specific lab sections. Offers will be sent by email only, and will be time-limited. If you apply through the holding list, it is your responsibility to check your university email regularly and to respond promptly. You will only be contacted through your official U of T email address.