CHM 217H1 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry – Lectures

A general introduction to quantitative and qualitative chemical analysis

You will be provided with skeletal handouts for the course that you should print out and bring to class with you. These will provide a lecture outline, readings, figures, equations, and review suggestions, with space for your own notes. A rough lecture schedule is available. You should always take notes during lectures and review them afterwards. Lecture recordings are made available the following week.

Hints and Tips:

There is an excellent series of short videos by Dr. Stephen Chew of Samford University on how to study. In brief:

According to various studies of note-taking in lectures:

Students who take notes in class:

However, only those students who take notes and review and reorganize them promptly perform better on tests of higher-order thinking, which account for ~33% of marks on term tests and final exams.

Need Help?

If you have never learnt how to take notes and study, or need other assistance, the Academic Success Centre provides many workshops and resources.

Additional Course Resources:

Students should make use of the on-line tutorial on Statistics, Calibration, & Regression, as well as the various Virtual Instrument Tours available on the AnalSci web site.