CHM 217H1 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry – Preparation

A general introduction to quantitative and qualitative chemical analysis

This page provides essential background information for all students considering or enrolled in CHM 217H1. Students must review the following information thoroughly before the course commences.

Quick Checklist:

Note: Lecture handouts include suggested review problems from the text, some of which may be taken up in tutorials. Such material may be included on tests, quizzes, and exams.

Lap Preparation:

You must obtain the following prior to the first lab session:

Make sure you read the introduction, safety information, procedures, and the first experiment. There will be a quiz on safety and procedures during the first lab in addition to the pre-lab questions. A multimedia presentation on pipetting and diluting is available.

Check the schedule for your demo group to see which experiment you will be performing the following week; some experiments require you to do some preparatory work the week before. You will find the necessary instructions in the "Before the lab" section for each experiment.

Course Materials and Curriculum:

It is assumed that all students are familiar with the concepts and calculations found in the prerequisite courses (CHM138/136 & CHM139/135 in combination or CHM151). A detailed list of topics can be found here. Very little lecture time will be spent reviewing this prior material; it is therefore essential that you have a firm understanding of these topics, and are able to correctly perform all relevant calculations.

Full course details, along with the current course text, lab manual, can be found on the course information page, under "Documents"