CHM 217H1 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry – Schedule

A general introduction to quantitative and qualitative chemical analysis

This page provides an overview of the course schedule, with a particular focus on the lab component and the order in which each demo group performs the experiments.

Schedule for Fall 2018:

NOTE: Only the first experiment is performed by all demo groups in the same week. In all subsequent weeks, each demo group will be performing a different experiment. These are subdivided into two main blocks. Full details for each experiment, along with the pre-lab questions and required preparation, are provided in the lab manual.

Groups 101-103 are in the Monday (PRA0101) lab section, groups 201-203 in Tuesday (PRA0201), and groups 301-303 in Wednesday (PRA0301).

The lab timetable will be posted mid-August

Pre-lab Questions:
For details on when to submit the answers to your pre-lab questions, please see the Lab Information page