Example NMR Problems with Answers - CHM 240 Notes

Please note that these examples do not print out well (I have tried) - it's much better to work through the examples while connected - they are interactive problems after all.

Paul Young at the University of Illinois at Chicago has set up a really good introductory NMR page! It includes ten examples of proton NMR spectra and five examples of carbon spectra. These are provided in an interactive format that include comments on solving the structure and then provide the chemical structure. These examples are typical of problems found in the CHM 240 exams. This site also includes a one page graphical summary of proton and carbon chemical shifts. Please note that proton spectra number 3 has an incorrect formula - it should read C2H4O.

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After you have gone through these examples, there is another good site from Craig Merlic and Cambridge Isotope Laboratories. This site has problems that include combined IR, 13C and 1H NMR. These problems are a little more complex. I would recommend that for CHM 240 you look at the "Beginning" Problems only (30 Examples). Please ignore the references to DEPT spectra.

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More examples can be found on a webiste designed by Bradley Smith at Notre Dame.

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