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CHM310S: Environmental Organic Chemistry

Readings and Assigments

CHM310 readings

Kwok and Atkinson - Estimation of Hydroxyl Radical Reaction Rate Constants
Hydrolysis Kinetics of Fenthion and Its Metabolites in Buffered Aqueous Media - Huang and Mabury
Simmons, J., A Simple Structure-Based Calculator for Estimating Vapor Pressure
Lee, S.C., Mackay, D., Displaying Multimedia Environmental Partitioning by Triangular Diagrams
Wania, F., Mackay, D., Tracking the Distribution of Persistent Organic Pollutants
FTOH Fate: Atmospheric Lifetime
FTOH Fate: Biodegradation
FTOH Fate: Atmospheric Pathways
FTOHs: Mammalian Metabolism
Young et al; CBTF Fate
Arctic Lecture Notes
FTOHs from Paper Surfactants; Metabolism
CBTF Reviewer Comments

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