CHM 317H1 Advanced Instrumental Analysis

This page provides general enrolment instructions for students interested in taking CHM317. Please make sure you read this information – and the relevant course entries in the calendar and timetable – carefully before contacting the course instructor.

General Information:

Students interested in taking this course for credit should first consult the current calendar and timetable for information regarding course prerequisites, priority enrolment programs, and registration periods. All students should be aware that enrolment in this course is highly restricted due to the number of other courses run out of the same facility and the availability of suitable lab equipment.

Students who lack the required grade of 63% in CHM217, but are otherwise registered in a priority enrolment program, should apply through ACORN/ROSI during their assigned enrolment window. Prerequisite checks will be performed during the fall semester, and students contacted on an individual basis as needed.

If the course is already full, students should apply through the departmental holding list when it becomes available (see below).

If you are in a priority program but getting a message that you are not eligible for the course, then either your program has not been approved yet (please check your application status) or you are trying to enrol outside the window for your year of study (please check the registration instructions linked from the Faculty timetable)

Students who are not in a priority enrolment program will not be able to register through ROSI. Instead, they should apply through the departmental holding list (see below).

All students should note that beginning with open enrolment in August, you will not be able to enrol, change section, or drop the course through ACORN/ROSI. Neither s hould your college registrar do this for you. Please contact the lab instructor if you wish to change lab section or be removed from the course. This is essential so that students on the holding list can be admitted in your place, and other students are not suddenly left without a lab partner.

Departmental Course Holding List:

If the course is full or you are not in a priority enrolment program, please use the chemistry department holding list to request a place in the course. Please read and follow the instructions provided carefully!

Students on the holding list will be contacted individually at their university email address if room becomes available. Typically, offers are made between late August and early November, although space can become available up to the December examinations period.

If you apply through the holding list, it is your responsibility to check your university email regularly and to respond promptly, as all offers are time-limited.

Lab Section Changes and Demo Group:

Anyone wishing to change lab section should contact the lab coordinator before the Christmas break, as labs start in the second week of classes! Lab partners will be assigned in December and the information published through the U of T portal during the December examinations period.

Your first lab experiment can be determined from your assigned demo group number by consulting the laboratory timetable.