CHM 317H1 Laboratory Report Marks:

All lab marks will be posted via the U of T portal/BlackBoard system. Please note that a ‘–’ in the grade book indicates that the mark for that item has not been entered yet.

Performance marks will be entered for each week of labs as items Lab Week 1, etc. Details regarding performance marks can be found in the introduction to the lab manual. If you have questions or concerns regarding performance marks, you can raise them with your TA or the lab instructor.

Report Marking:

To aid report marking and provide feedback, the following symbols will be used on all reports:

The answer or material is correct; marks awarded. The answer or material is wrong.
Text: this material is only partially relevant to the topic.
Calculation: the method is correct, but the answer is not.
The answer or material is partially correct; part marks awarded.
An incorrect number of significant figures have been reported. The units for a value are wrong or have been omitted
The text is unclear, and cannot be marked. An equation is needed here.
The material, calculation, or answer is incomplete. Provide a reference/citation for this.
The material is either incorrect or irrelevant, and has been ignored. There is an error in this calculation or derivation.

If you have specific questions regarding a lab report, please ask your lab demo or the lab instructor. Note that only the first lab report may be resubmitted, and only if the report grade was below 50%.