CHM 317H1 Laboratory Timetable:

Please check the dates and experiments for your assigned demo group carefully. Formal reports are generally due at the beginning of the first lab period following the end of each set of experiments. Some exceptions occur for the first and last lab reports: please look for announcements on the portal, or check with the lab instructor or your TA.

General Information:

The experiments are organised into five categories, with 2 or 3 experiments in each category. Students will prepare formal reports covering all the experiments for each of categories A and B, and two our of the three categories C-E i.e. there will be four formal reports in total. The categories are:

Provisional Experiment Schedule for 2014-15:

Experiment rotation for CHM317 lab classes
 Scheduled experiment for demo group:
201202203204 205206207208
Week 301302303304 305306307308
1 (Jan 6-7) C1C2E1E2 A1A2B1B3
2 (Jan 13-14) C2C1E2E1 A2A3B2B1
3 (Jan 20-21) D1D2C1C2 A3A1B3B2
4 (Jan 27-28) D2D1C2C1 B1B3A1A2
5 (Feb 3-4) E1E2D1D2 B2B1A2A3
6 (Feb 10-11) E2E1D2D1 B3B2A3A1
(Feb 16-20) Family day & reading week – no labs
7 (Feb 24-25) A1A2B1B3 C1C2E1E2
8 (Mar 3-4) A2A3B2B1 C2C1E2E1
9 (Mar 10-11) A3A1B3B2 D1D2C1C2
10 (Mar 17-18) B1B3A1A2 D2D1C2C1
11 (Mar 24-25) B2B1A2A3 E1E2D1D2
12 (Mar 31-Apr 1) B3B2A3A1 E2E1D2D1