CHM 317H1 Laboratory Timetable:

Please check the dates and experiments for your assigned demo group carefully. Formal reports are generally due at the beginning of the first lab period following the end of each set of experiments. Some exceptions occur for the first and last lab reports: please look for announcements on the portal, or check with the lab instructor or your TA.

General Information:

The experiments are organised into five categories, with 2 or 3 experiments in each category. Students will write short results summaries for each experiment, and submit cumulative formal reports covering the experiments in categories A–D. The categories are:

Note for Winter 2018: Due to equipment issues, the Raman experiment will not be available this semester. An additional atomic spectroscopy experiment has been substituted to make up the lab rotation.

Experiment Schedule for Winter 2019:

The lab timetable is currently being revised. It will be posted towards the end of the Fall semester.