About the use of chime in the Guided Tours

The "Guided Tours Of Metalloproteins", uses the Symyx Chime plug in to display protein structures obtained from the Protein Data Bank (PDB) and then edited and scripted using the program RasMol (or RasTop). If Chime is already installed on your computers, go ahead and explore the nineteen metalloproteins that are listed. Choose A Tutorial on the Use of Chime to learn about the use of the Chime molecular display program.

Software Necessary to Use GTM

If the Chime plug-in is not installed on your computer, click Symyx Chime to download its latest version. Double-click on the downloaded *.exe file and follow the instructions on the screen.

NOTE: You have to have a compatible browser already installed on your computer. For the list of the compatible browsers see below.

The Chime Plug-In and The Internet Browsers

The current version of the Chime plug-in embeds in the following browsers:

Unfortunately, Chime does not work with the new versions of Netscape or any version of Mozilla (including Mozilla Firefox) and Opera!


Note for IE users:

Often you'll have to click on the applet button twice or three times to load the structure properly. With only one click, the "improperly" loaded structure has mislabelled atoms, displays in wire frame (the only display in wire frame for all the tours is the first one that shows the whole structure of the metalloprotein!) and similar nonsense.

You are highly encouraged to go over the tutorial on the use of the Chime and GTM. The instructions are also available as PDF. You can save and/or print this file for further reference.

Now, enter the tours!