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{Metal Ion Uptake} {Metal Ion Transport And Storage} {Oxygen Transport and Storage}
{Non-redox Enzymes} {Electron Carriers} {Redox Enzymes}

Metal Ion Uptake

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potassium channel thumb LeuT thumb NaKpump thumb

K+ channel


Sodium-Potassium Pump

Metal Ion Transport And Storage

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transferrin thumb ferritin thumb aconitase thumb




Oxygen Transport and Storage

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myoglobin thumb hemerithryn thumb hemocyanin thumb




Non-redox Enzymes

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carbonic anhydrase thumb carboxypept thumb

Carbonic Anhydrase

Carboxypeptidase A

Electron Carriers

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cytochrome c thumb rubredoxin thumb ferredoxin thumb

Cytochrome C


2Fe-2S Ferredoxin

7Fe-8S ferredoxin thumb azurin thumb Rieske thumb

3Fe-4S and 4Fe-4S Ferredoxin

Copper Blue

Rieske Protein

Redox Enzymes

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MMO thumb nitrogenase thumb hydrogenase thumb

Methane Monooxygenase



Cu-Zn SOD thumb DMSO reductase thumb

Cu-Zn Superoxide Dismutase

Dimethylsulfoxide Reductase

Testing area

A tour of the cytochrome c oxidase: Under construction!