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This site provides brief tours of the structures of 19 metalloproteins that are often the focus of bioinorganic chemistry university courses.

The browsers Firefox, Chrome or Safari are recommended for use in these tours. You can immediately access the Guided Tours of Metalloproteins by clicking enter. You can use the Windows 10 Edge Browser but it works slowly. If these options are not available then please install Firefox on your computer before continuing.



We may be missing some citations to sources used to develop these web pages. Please let us know if there are other references to cite. All tours have been updated to JSmol as of December 2017. For information on Jmol: an open-source Java viewer for chemical structures in 3D see The principal architect of Chime is Tim Maffett and is currently distributed and further developed by MDL. Roger Sayle, who incorporated a number of features, which facilitate development of educational tutorials, developed RasMol.

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