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Launch of Chemistry Graduate Mentorship Program

Chemistry graduate students told us that they were interested in additional opportunities for professional development and mentoring, and we listened! Following more than a year of development, the inaugural Chemistry Graduate Mentorship Program officially launched on January 18, 2017. 

This brand-new professional development initiative of the Chemistry Graduate Office pairs Chemistry graduate students with departmental alumni now working in professional capacities for a year of one-on-one mentoring. 
For the first year of this program, we have paired 10 graduate students with dedicated alumni in a range of careers including entrepreneurship, R&D, business development, technical sales, consulting, and higher education. 

Here is what some of our mentees have to say about the year ahead:

I have a vision for my life after graduation. In my opinion, life is like a maze having some paths to the goal and so many other ones called failures. I hope my mentor will help me to pass over some of those failures and help me find the best path toward the goal.

  • Hassan Fini

From the experience of my mentor, an alumnus of the Chemistry department, I have built more confidence in my degree from their successful career story. . . Greatly looking forward to the rest of the year. I also feel more motivation to work hard, so that I have new progress to share with my mentor.

  • Yuchan Dong

I’m excited about the opportunity to explore alternative careers in science, ones that we might not hear about as often or at all while we’re submerged in academia. Even in talking to the mentors in the launch event, I’ve already heard about career paths that I wasn’t aware existed. It’s definitely given me some ideas to propel my own research into post-graduation opportunities.

  • Charis Lam

I'm most excited about finally meeting my mentor and finding out what he is hoping to get out of this experience. . . Hopefully, this experience will give me new perspectives and help me grow.

  • Ekaterina Slavko

The mentorship program runs from January – December 2017.  Mentees and mentors will interact monthly, with the group gathering again mid-year and at the program’s end.  Mentees will have their participation recorded on their Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

We will make a call for applications from alumni and graduate students for the 2018 Graduate Mentorship Program in late summer/early fall 2017. Questions about the program may be directed to Mandy Koroniak: