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    Two-Photon Writing in 3d Polymer Nanostructured Materials

    Porous Gold Obtained in Colloid Templates

  • As teachers, our responsibility is to educate our students and postdoctoral fellows to meet the needs of the 21st century. One of our functions as teachers is to help our students think critically and creatively about nanoscience and nonotechnology, so that they can contribute to advancing this area of knowledge.

    We train and educate a large number of individuals in the area of advanced materials. The 7 main PI's of this proposal now supervise 61 graduate students (GS), 34 postdoctoral fellows, 3 visiting scientists, and 16 undergraduates.
    We offer an undergraduate "Materials Chemistry" program, and a graduate "Polymer and Materials Science" program.

    We have visitors from industry, from small Ontario companies like Solinst and large multinational companies like Eastman Chemical, who spend periods of a week or longer to use our facilities and to learn our techniques. We also have visitors from industry (e.g.,3M) who come to our laboratory to teach our students their technology so that our fundamental research will meet the needs of their technology.

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