Mass Spectrometry - AIMS Lab

Sample Submission for Mass Spectrometry


  1. All Mass Spectra request forms must be signed by the Principal Investigator or designate.
  2. The more information that you can provide concerning your sample, the more help we can provide. A structure, molecular formula and molecular mass are particularly useful.
  3. Samples for EI must not be in solution. Only neat liquids or solids will be analyzed. The sample submission form asks for a suitable solvent suggestion - please fill it in. If the sample has a notable characteristic - volatile, air / moisture sensitive, lachrymator, deadly poison, etc. - please indicate this on the form.
  4. Samples for ESI analysis may be submitted in either aqueous or methanolic solution if the concentration is given. The concentration should be greater than 10 uM if accurate mass determination is required. Neat samples and a suggested solvent are preferred.
  5. For current Mass Spec. charges, please contact the AIMS Laboratory at 416.978.5089, or