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Sign-up Rules

All users of the spectrometers must be checked out by the NMR staff, not a graduate student. Users lending out their passwords will have their accounts revoked.

Facility Spectrometers

  • On-line Booking:
    • Varian MercuryPlus 200, Varian VnmrS-400, and Agilent DD2-500 (with OneNMR probe), Agilent DD2-600
    • Use the on-line NMR Booking Scheduler to reserve time on these spectrometers.

  • Walk-up:
    • Bruker AvanceIII-400, Varian MercuryPlus 300, Varian MercuryPlus 400, Agilent DD2-500 (with XSens Cold Probe)
    • These spectrometers all utilize automated sample changers and are operated in a walk-up fashion. Samples are run in first-in first-out queues with a day queue and a night queue.

  • Booking Request:
    • Agilent DD2-700

      The Agilent DD2-700 spectrometer requires NMR staff to schedule bookings. Users may request time on these instruments by e-mailing darcy.burns@utoronto.ca .

NMR Processing Software

  • MestreNova
    • The CSICOMP NMR Facility has an unlimited number of campus licenses for MestreNova (MNova) NMR Processing software.
    • MNova software may be downloaded directly from the MestreNova website. Select 'Download and try it now' to being the download and installation process.

      MNova License files are required during the software installation process. These may be accessed from the NMR@Chemistry Blackboard page located on the University of Toronto Learning Portal. Please contact darcy.burns@utoronto.ca to request access to the NMR@Chemistry Blackboard group if you are not part of this group already (note: you will need to provide your UtorID).

Students changing supervisors

Students that change supervisors must modify and update their NMR Account. This can be done on the Department of Chemistry Account Services website. A signed copy must be returned to the CSICOMP NMR Facility, after which, a new account will be made. This is necessary to bill the correct accounts.


Charges are based upon the time logged on the spectrometer. The charge is $9.18 per hour between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday to Friday except holidays. During all other times, the charge is $4.59 per hour. These are internal Departmental charges only.

Leaving Samples for Staff to Run

  • Solution Samples
  • Please submit samples to LM14. Samples may be submitted in good quality NMR tubes (Norell 507-HP or Wilmad 528PP or equivalent), or may be prepared on site by users or staff. For samples submitted in NMR tubes, the solvent height should be at least 4 cm and free from undissolved impurities.

    Samples may be submitted anytime; please fill out a service form and leave it in LM14. Click here to download an electronic version of the service form. Users outside the Department of Chemistry, but affiliated with the University of Toronto, click here to to get the external submission form. Users not affiliated with the University of Toronto, please contact the NMR staff. (Electronic forms require Acrobat reader software for Mac/PC/UNIX.)

    If you submit a sample, label your tube with your sample number.

    Samples without forms will not be run. Please fill in all of the fields marked as required so that we can optimize the data acquisition, saving spectrometer time and get the best spectrum.

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Please email Darcy Burns with any comments

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