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The Centre for Spectroscopic Investigation of Complex Organic Molecules and Polymers

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance facility in the Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto

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Welcome to the Centre for Spectroscopic Investigation of Complex Organic Molecules and Polymers at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Toronto. We offer services to both University and outside users. Most of our equipment is operated hands-on by trained graduate and undergraduate students. Staff are on hand to advise and train students, to run more complicated experiments and to run outside requests.

For inside users–users in the Department of Chemistry and affiliated with the University of Toronto–there is information on upcoming training sessions, FAQs, sign-up rules, and electronic versions of forms.

For outside users—those not affiliated with the University of Toronto—there is contact information and some sample prices. New lower rates for external users: $20/proton (tube and solvent included), $50 flat rate for carbon nmr (see details).

Are you new to the facility and would like an NMR account? You can get started with training here! With a UTORID, you can access all of the training material in portal.utoronto.ca.

We also have some links to useful NMR web pages and software information. These include useful book references, with call numbers. If you have a link or a good book reference, please e-mail darcy.burns@utoronto.ca with your suggestion.


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