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The NMR training material is now available through Blackboard.

Students without user IDs on the NMR computers should register at:

This will let us know you are interested for training and we will add your UTORID to the NMR @ Chemistry organization.

Visiting students: you will need a temporary UTorID; go to reader registration in Robarts Library to register for library access and get a UTorID.

Please download and read the training handouts in the Portal, under "NMR Training", and watch the online movies prior to the NMR training class. There are suggested readings in the portal.

When you are ready, take the NMR Quiz; you will need to score 20/25 to move on to hands-on training. The quiz is under "NMR Training". Further instructions are in the portal.

Students changing supervisors

Students that change supervisors must complete a new training sign-up form. A signed copy must be returned to the NMR labs, after which, a new account will be made. This is necessary to bill the correct accounts.


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