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Training Information: Solution State NMR

New clients and students who want to use the NMR spectrometers should register on-line and attend a hands-on training class. You will be notified of a new training course only if you have registered for training. Students and clients that are affiliated with the University of Toronto must also pass a short NMR quiz that can be accessed in the CHM-NMR section of the University of Toronto's Teaching Portal.


Please register at the Liquids NMR Online Sign-up page and fill in a training form. You will need to print the form and have it signed by you and your supervisor. This form is for those users that have not been trained on the NMR spectrometers.

If you are affiliated with the University of Toronto, please send your UtorID to darcy.burns@utoronto.ca to be added to the CHM-NMR site at the University of Toronto Portal. Log into the Portal for access and then download and read the training handouts that have been posted under "NMR Training".

Visiting students: you will need a temporary UTorID; go to reader registration in Robarts Library to register for library access and get a UTorID.

When you are ready, take the NMR Quiz; you will need to score 20/25 to move on to hands-on training. The quiz is located in the "NMR Training" section of the Portal.

Hands-on Training

Hands-on NMR training is necessary to gain an NMR account in the facility. The training encompasses three primary areas:

1. health, safety, and an overview of the operational aspects of the facility

2. hands-on training for spectometers utilizing automatic sample changers and for spectrometers that require manual sample submission

3. a brief overview of NMR processing

Training sessions will be provided when there are sufficient numbers of new users, usually 2 or 3. These can typically be scheduled to occur within a week after the training authorization form has been submitted.

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Please email Darcy Burns with any comments

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