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High Resolution Liquids NMR

At the Department of Chemistry, we have ten high resolution NMR spectrometers for research purposes. These spectrometers are operated hands-on by trained students. Please see the inside users web page for information on training and sign-up information.

Contact Darcy Burns for more information.

Telephone 416-978-0448.

Equipment for Liquids NMR at the Department of Chemistry

  • Agilent DD2 700
    • used for rapid 1D 1H and 2D NMR, and biological NMR
    • 96-sample 7600AS autosampler
    • 5mm Xsens Cold Probe
    • located in LM14
  • Agilent DD2 600
    • used for 1D and 2D NMR, diffusion, polymers, variable temperature
    • 96-sample 7510AS autosampler
    • 5mm OneNMR H/F{X} probe
    • located in LM14
  • Agilent DD2 500 (#1)
    • used for rapid 1D 13C and 2D NMR
    • 96-sample 7600AS autosampler
    • 5mm Xsens Cold Probe
    • located in LM14
  • Agilent DD2-500 (#2)
    • used for 1D and 2D NMR, diffusion, polymers
    • three-channel system (high, low, high)
    • 5mm OneNMR H/F{X} probe
    • triple resonance 1H, 13C, 31P 5-mm probe
    • Fluorine specific 5-mm probe for environmental work
    • Protasis 10 µL flow probe and sample system
    • located in LM14
  • Varian NMR System 400
    • used for 2D nmr, diffusion, polymers
    • AutoX probe with Protune (first Varian autotuning probe in Canada!)
    • 10-mm carbon optimized probe (s/n 650:1)
    • three channel (middle channel low band)
    • VnmrJ 2.1B for fast operation
    • located in LM14 (February 2009)
  • Bruker Avance III 400
    • used for routine 1D and 2D NMR
    • BACS 60 sample changer
    • Automatic tune and match (ATM) BBOF probe
  • Varian Mercury 400
    • used for proton, fluorine, and carbon spectra
    • 96 sample autochanger (SMS)
    • ATB (Always tuned) 1H/19F/15N-31P 5-mm gradients probe
    • quadnuclear—1H, 19F, 13C, 29Si—5-mm Nalorac probe
    • broadband 15N-13C5-mm probe
    • broadband 15N-31P inverse 5-mm Nalorac probe
    • broadband 15N-13C 10-mm probe
    • located in LM14
  • Varian Mercury 300
    • used for proton, carbon, phosphorus and fluorine spectra
    • quadnuclear—1H, 19F, 13C, 31—5-mm gradient probe
    • deuterium gradient shimming
    • 100 sample autochanger (SMS)
    • located in LM14
  • Varian Mercury 200
    • used for rapid proton and phosphorus spectra, usually of reaction mixtures
    • dedicated 1H-31P 5-mm probe for routine samples
    • located in LM14


The solution NMR Labs are in the analytical basement wing of the Lash Miller Labs, in LM14.

The doors to the labs are locked after-hours; keys are available to research groups. Please ask Darcy Burns if you need keys. There is an electronic lock with key code to access the NMR labs.

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Please email Darcy Burns with any comments

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