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Scholarship Recipients

Governor General's Gold Medal

The Governor Generalís Gold Medal was first awarded in 1873 by the Earl of Dufferin. This award has since become one of the most prestigious that a student at a Canadian educational institution may receive.  The Gold Medal is awarded to three students who achieved the highest academic standing at the graduate level.  This year, SGS received 29 nominations.

Dr. Russ Algar completed his Ph.D. research in July 2010 (November 2010 convocation), under the supervision of Professor Ulrich Krull in the Analytical Chemistry program.

NSERC Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada 2010/2011

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral
Nadine Borduas
Christina Mueller

Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral
Candito, David
Douglas, Colin
Drewry, Joel
Grozea, Claudia
Lee, Doris
Newman, Stephen
O, Wylie
Paulite, Melissa
Pautler, Brent
Sgro, Michael
Tanur, Adrienne
Zhao, Xiaoxi

Postgraduate Scholarship Doctoral

Borduas, Nadine
Gomez-Biagi, Rodolfo
Hollinger, Jon
Lee, Holly
Menard, Gabriel
Su, Ning
Thomson, Jordan
Wren, Sumi

Canada Graduate Scholarship Masters
Haftchenary, Sina
Lafreniere, Nelson
Leung, Priscilla
Mudrik, Jared
Nimmo, Chelsea
Propkopchuk, Demyan

Postdoctoral Fellowship
Algar, Russ
Bagh, Sangram
Menard, Frederic
Puzzo, Daniel
Thansandote, Praew
Wong, Cathy

OGS Ontario Graduate Scholarships 2010/2011

Abelrahman, Ahmed
Arsenault, Eric
Beharry, Andrew
Boone, Michael
Borduas, Nadine
Brown, Trevor
Cao, Pengpeng
Coulter, Matthew
DiCarmine, Paul
Douglas, Colin
Dounin, Vladimir
Drewry, Joel
Gomez, Rodolfo
Grozea, Claudia
Haftchenary, Sina
Hollinger, Jon
Jackson, Derek,
Jebrail, Mais
Lafreniere, Nelson
Lee, Doris
Leung, Priscilla
Lu, Jiao
Mikhailine, Alexandre
Mudrik, Jared
Neu, Rebecca (J. Warren Flanagan OGS in Chemistry)
Nimmo, Chelsea
Nouwrouzi, Farhad
O, Wylie
Page, Brent
Paulite, Melissa
Paulter, Brent
Robinson, Shona
Sgro, Michael
Sues, Peter
Tan, Runyu
Thomson, Jordan
Tokarz, Danielle
Vulic, Katarina
Wren, Sumi
Zhang, Xianming
Zhao, Xiaoxi

OGSST Ontario Graduate Scholarships in Science and Technology 2010/2011

Digital Specialty Chemicals Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology
Lagaditis, Paraskevi

Dina Gordon Malkin Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology
Goodreid, Jordan

Edwin Walter and Margery Warren Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology
Gouliaras, Christina
Taylor, Rivka

F.E. Beamish Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology
Murphy, Stephen
Yeung, Charles

Martin Moskovits Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology
Sadeq, Zaheen Syed
Yang, Hao

Michael J. Dignam Travel Award

Li, Isaac

Faculty of Arts & Science Alumni & Friends Graduate Scholarship

Lui, Francine

Teaching Reduction

De Jong, Antonia
Ellis (nee Popescu), Raluca
He, Zhi
Jahnke, Ashlee
Lee, Anna
Qian, Jieshu
Lui, Francine
Shahani, Vijay
Veloso, Anthony
Wang, Wendong

OSOTF Recipients 2010-2011

Kevin Gar Ming Kou - Leslie Gladstone Cook Memorial Fellowship
Zhi He - Robert and Jean Hadgraft Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry
Xianming Zhang - Robert and Jean Hadgraft Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry
Mohamed El-Salfiti - Relocation Assistance Award
Peter Mirtchev - Relocation Assistance Award
Stephanie Hofley - Relocation Assistance Award
Joel Drewry - Edwin Walter Warren Graduate Student Award
Sohyoung Her - Edwin Walter Warren Graduate Student Award
Vijay Shahani - The John Bunting Graduate Prize in Chemistry
Jennifer Howell - Dalton Chemical Laboratories Organic Chemistry Scholarship in Memory of Peter Yates
Charles Yeung - Merck Frosst Canada Inc. Chemistry Conference Award
Mohamed El-Salfiti - The Merck Frosst Canada Inc. Graduate Award in Chemistry
Serge Zaretsky - Dr. L. Bradley Pett Graduate Award in Biological Chemistry
Jiao Lu - CIBA Specialty Chemical, Inc. Graduate Student Award
Greg Gibson - Xerox Research Centre of Canada Graduate Award

Graduate Student Endowment Fund

Keegan Rankin - Alex Harrison Award in Environmental Analytical Mass Spectrometry
Shun Shang Lo - Jim Guillet Chemistry Graduate Scholarship
Gavin Chit Tsui - Jim Guillet Chemistry Graduate Scholarship
Anne Myers - Ministry of the Environment Graduate Scholarship in the Department of Chemistry
Raluca Ellis - David H. Farrar Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry
Graeme Cambridge - ChemClub Graduate Scholarship
Jimmy Yuk - ChemClub Graduate Scholarship

Boehringer Ingelheim Award of Excellence in Organic or Bio-Organic Chemistry

Charles Yeung

Chair's Doctoral Prize

Russ Algar

Walter C. Sumner Fellowship

Hasan Khan
Gabriel Menard
Brent Pautler

NSERC CREATE Program in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Laura Hoch

Doctoral Completion Award

Lindsey Fiddes

Faculty of Arts & Science Travel Grant Program 

For the successful recipients, please click here.

F.E. Beamish Prizes

(Awarded to students for outstanding graduate work, as evidenced by a seminar or performance on examinations)

Analytical Chemistry - Anthony Tavares
Inorganic Chemistry Seminar - Gabriel Menard
Inorganic Chemistry Examinations - Jessica Sonnenberg
Physical Chemistry Seminar - Isaac Li

Special Opportunity Travel Fellowship

Jordan Ang
Naila Assem
Barbara Cottrell
Sohyoung Her
Jon Hollinger
Kai Huang
Hasan Khan
An Na Lee
Mostafizur Mazumder
Christina Mueller
Yelena Nikulina
Wylie O
Jane Panteleev
Jieshu Qian
Benjamin Rotstein
Sarah Styler
Xue Yu

Chemistry Travel Award

Peter Dornan
Jeffrey Geddes
Ashlee Jahnke
Paraskevi Lagaditis
Holly Lee
Ali Rostami
Sonia Sheikh
Jordan Thomson