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2013-2014 Graduates

June 2014 Convocation

From left to right: Taunia Closson, Vincent Annibale, Sarah Styler, Alon Eisenstein, Christina Mueller

Graduate Program Supervisor Thesis Title
Vincent Annibale Doctoral Prof. Datong Song Anionic Nitrogen Chelate Ligands: From Molecular Self-assembly to Small Molecule Activation
Kaitlin Badali Masters Prof. Jonathan Abbatt Fate of Atmospheric HOx and Peroxides in the Particle Phase
Jazmin Bansagi Masters Prof. Robert Alexander Batey Development of Water Soluble ACP1 Analogues and Application of N-alkyl Carbamoylimidazoles as Isocyanate Equivalents
Rhys Batcup Masters Prof. Datong Song 4,5-Diazafluorenyl Derivatives as Binucleating Ligands for the Syntheses of Heterobimetallic Complexes
Taunia Closson Masters Prof. Mitchell Winnik Lanthanide-encoded Polystyrene Microparticles: Formation Kinetics and New Syntheses
Rebecca Courtemanche Masters Prof. Andrei Yudin Bioactive Cyclic Peptides and Chemical Probes
Alon Eisenstein Doctoral Prof. M Cynthia Goh Studying Physical Properties at the Nano-Scale: Thin Films, Nano-particles and Molecules
Julia Endicott Masters Prof. Artur Izmaylov Fully Quadratic Vibronic Model of Electronic Transitions through Conical Intersections
Laura Lee Fedoryshin Masters Prof. Ulrich Krull Near-infrared Triggered Anti-cancer Drug Release from Upconverting Nanoparticles
Byoungmoo Kim Doctoral Prof. Vy Dong Asymmetric Lactone Synthesis via C-H Activation and Synthesis of Cyclic Peptides via Dehydropeptides
Michaela Marshall Masters Prof. Myrna Simpson Characterization of Natural Organic Matter in Bentonite Clays and Clay-rich Sediments
Seyedeh Mortazavi Masters Prof. Deborah Zamble Engineering the Escherichia coli NikR Transcription Factor via Mutations in the Alpha3 Helix
Christina Mueller Doctoral Prof. R J Dwayne Miller In Situ Techniques for Structure Determination in the Liquid Phase
Neilson Nguyen Doctoral Prof. Ulrich Fekl Reactions and Properties of Molybdenum Bis(dithiolene) Complexes Based on Bis(trifluoromethyl) Dithiolene and Labile Ligands
Natalia Pawlowska Masters Prof. Michael Thompson Probing the Hydration of Ultrathin Antifouling Adlayers using Neutron Reflectometry
Qasim Saleem Doctoral Prof. Peter Macdonald Development of Multi-purpose Lipid Coated PNIPAM Microgels and Techniques for Characterizing Lateral Diffusion in Bilayers
Sarah Styler Doctoral Prof. D. James Donaldson Heterogeneous Photochemistry of Atmospheric Dusts and Organic Films
Danielle Tokarz Doctoral  Prof. Virginijus Barzda, Prof. Ulrich Fekl Nonlinear Optical Properties of Carotenoid and Chlorophyll Harmonophores
Anthony Veloso Doctoral Prof. Kagan Kerman Development of Electrochemical Detection Methods to Study the Aggregation of Neurodegenerative Amyloid Proteins and Targeting Alzheimer's Disease Pathologies by Novel Multi-functional Modulators
Jacqueline Yakobi-Hancock Masters Prof. Jonathan Abbatt   The Roles of Mineral Dusts and Coastal Aerosol in Cold and Warm Cloud Formation


March 2014 Convocation (absentia)

Graduate Program Supervisor Thesis Title
Jordan Evans Masters Prof. Mark Lautens Zirconium and Palladium Catalyzed Telescopic Synthesis of (E)-Alkenes
Elyse Henderson Masters Prof. D. James Donaldson The Influence of Organic Coatings on Atmospheric Processes at the Air-water Interface
Donald Kelloway Masters Prof. R J Dwayne Miller Searching for Spin Crossover in Fe(bpy)3(PF6)2 using Femtosecond Electron Diffraction and Ultrafast Transient Absorption
Leayen Lam Masters Prof. Andre Simpson Characterization and Germination of 13C Labeled Seeds by Comprehensive Multiphase NMR Spectroscopy
Cyrille Lavigne Masters Prof. Paul Brumer QP Partitioning for Radiationless Transitions
Corey McClary Doctoral Prof. Mark Taylor Exploring Noncovalent and Reversible Covalent Interactions as Tools for Developing New Reactions


November 2013 Convocation

From left to right
Back row: Jeffrey McDowell, Michael Boone, Graeme Cambridge, Andrew Sydor, Scott McClure, Brent Page
Middle row: Adam Friedman, Vijay Shahani, Jenny Diep, Jennifer Lofgreen
Front row: Hannah Morales, Farkhondeh Fathi, Dorea Reeser, Doris Lee, Carla Brown, Xue Yu

Graduate Program Supervisor Thesis Title
Michael Boone Doctoral Prof. Doug Stephan Reactivity of Lewis Acids with Coordinated Ligands of Late Transition Metal Complexes
Carla Brown Masters Prof. Patrick Gunning Design and Synthesis of New Scaffolds for Stat5 Inhibition
Graeme Cambridge Doctoral Prof. Mitchell Winnik Effect of Blending and Degradation on the Morphology of Polyferrocenylsilane Block Copolymer Micelles
Sooa Cho Masters Prof. Datong Song Synthesis and Characterization of New Luminescent Lanthanide
Barbara Cottrell Doctoral Prof. Andre Simpson Towards an Understanding of Dissolved Organic Matter Molecular Structure and Reactivity in the Environment
Jenny Diep Masters Prof. Mark Taylor Novel Hydrogen Bonding Organocatalysts Applications in the aza-Morita-Baylis-Hillman Reaction and Anion Sensing
Farkhondeh Fathi Doctoral Prof. Heinz-Bernhard Kraatz Silver Nanostructures: From Fabrication to Interaction
Adam Friedman Masters Prof. Mark Lautens Rhodium and Palladium Catalysed Domino Reactions of Alkenyl Pyridines and Alkenyl Pyrazines
Phillip Gregoire Masters Prof. Jennifer Murphy Implications of Ambient Ammonia on Aerosol Acidity and Reactive Nitrogen Measurements
Joshua Hoang Masters Prof. Scott Prosser Investigating the Folding Network of Calmodulin Using Fluorine NMR
Philip Johnson Doctoral Prof. Dwayne Miller Photon Echoes from Retinal Proteins
Paraskevi Lagaditis Doctoral Prof. Robert Morris Iron Complexes for the Catalytic Reduction of Polar Double Bonds
Brian Lam Doctoral Prof. Al-Amin Dhirani Conductance Oscillations in Superconducting Nanoparticle Films
Doris Lee Doctoral Prof. Mark Taylor Boron-Diol Interactions as the Basis for Novel Catalytic Transformations
Yu Li Doctoral Prof. Datong Song Lanthanide Luminescent Metal-Organic Frameworks with Linear Dicarboxylate Ligands: Synthesis, Structure and Sensing Properties
Wanjuan Lin Doctoral Prof. Mitchell Winnik Lanthanide-containing Microgels Intended for Bead-based Bioassys by Mass Cytometry
Jennifer Lofgreen Doctoral Prof. Geoffrey Ozin Molecular Imprinting in Templated Mesoporous Organosilica Studies in Material Compostion and Morphology
Scott McClure Masters Prof. Greg Scholes Investigation of Light-harvesting Dynamics of Photosynthetic Pigment-protein Complexes using Ultrafast Spectroscopy
Jeffrey McDowell Doctoral Prof. Geoffrey Ozin Crosslinkable Light Emitting Conjugate and Metallocene Polymers: Synthesis, Properties and Application
Hannah Morales Masters Prof. Peter Macdonald NMR Studies of Lateral Diffusion of a Transmembrane Peptide in DMPC/DHPC Bicelles and Morphological Characterization of DMPC/CHAPSO Bicelles
Megan Oh Doctoral Prof. Greg Scholes Applications of Optical Spectroscopy in Studies on Energy and Electron Transfer and Solvation Effects in Nanoscale and Molecular Systems
Brent Page Doctoral Prof. Patrick Gunning Small Molecule Inhibitors of Stat3 Protein as Cancer Therapeutic Agents
Brent Pautler Doctoral Prof. Myrna Simpson Novel Analytical Approaches for the Characterization of Natural Organic Matter in the Cryosphere and its Potential Impacts on Climate Change
Dorea Reeser Doctoral Prof. D. James Donaldson Effects of Aqueous Organic Coatings on the Interfacial Transport of Atmospheric Species
Vijay Shahani Doctoral Prof. Patrick Gunning An Exploration into the Molecular Recognition of Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3 Protein Via Rationally Designed Small Molecule Binders
Erika Siren Masters Prof. Ronald Kluger Controlled Conjugation of  Cu,Zn  Superoxide Superoxide Dismutase: An Active Tetramer
Andrew Sydor Doctoral Prof. Deborah Zamble Metal Binding and Response of Helicobacter pylori HypB and Escherichia coli YjiA
Sumi Wren Doctoral Prof. D. James Donaldson Ion Exclusion, pH and Halogen Activation at the Air-ice Interface
Lori Yin Masters Prof. G Andrew Woolley Functional Expression of a Blue Fluorescent - Photoactive Yellow Protein Fusion in HEK293 and E. coli
Chia-Yun Yu Masters Prof. Andrei Yudin A Novel Approach Toward Branched Peptide Synthesis
Xue Yu Doctoral Prof. Dvira Segal Energy Transfer at the Molecular Scale: Open Quantum Systems Methodologies
Colin Zamecnik Masters Prof. Gilbert Walker SERS using Plasmonic Nanoparticles and J-aggregate Dyes
Meng Zhang Doctoral Prof. Mitchell Winnik Part I: Morphology Transformation of Block Copolymer Micelles containing Quantum Dots in the Corona Part II: The Synthesis and Self-assembly of New Polyferrocenylsilane Block Copolymers

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