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2016-2017 Graduates

June 2017 Convocation

GraduateProgramSupervisorThesis Title
Sara AbdulwahabDoctoralProf. Aaron WheelerApplications of Digital Microfluidics for the Quantification of Small molecules from Droplet-Scale Tissue Samples
Ramina AlwardaMastersProf. Jonathan AbbattDirect Analysis of Trace Contaminants Indoors and their Loss via Reaction with Hydroxyl Radicals
Farah BadrMastersProf. Deborah ZambleCharacterization and Modification of the Zinc Sensor ZapCY2 for Improved Nickel Binding
Daniel BallDoctoralProf. Patrick GunningAn Unexpected Journey: A Medicinal Chemists Exploration Through the Realm of Protein Phosphates to Signal Transducers and Finally, Receptor Kinases
Chung BoyeeMastersProf. Robert BateyProgress Towards the Total Synthesis of Depsipeptide Natural Products
Elisa Iolanda CarreraDoctoralProf. Dwight SeferosSynthesis, Reactivity and Photochemistry of π-Conjugated Tellurophenes
Niall CrawleyMastersProf. Michael ThompsonDevelopment of a Multiplexed Panel Assay for the Rapid Detection of Bacterial Resistance to β-Lactam Antibiotics using Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Jay ChiMastersProf. Doug StephanMicrofluidic Investigations of CO2 and H2 Activation by Lewis Pairs
Lisa D'AgostinoDoctoralProf. Scott MaburyEnvironmental Chemistry of Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Found In Aqueous Film Forming Foams
Igri KolajMastersProf. Don WeaverDesign, Synthesis and Biological Assessment of Ferulic Acid Derivatives as Inhibitors of β-Amyloid Oligomerization in Alzheimers Disease
Christine LeDoctoralProf. Mark LautensRhodium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Ring Opening of Oxabicyclic Alkenes and Palladium-Catalyzed Carbon−Halogen Bond Forming Reactions
Sean LiewDoctoralProf. Andre BeaucheminSynthesis and Application of 3- and 5-Membered Azacycles: Natural Product Synthesis, Boron Heterocycles, and Molecular Probes
Stacey-Lynn PaivaDoctoralProf. Patrick GunningTargeting E1 Activating Enzymes through Small-Molecule Inhibition
Chenxi QianDoctoralProf. Geoff OzinAdvances in Silicon Nanochemistry
Laura Marcela ReyesDoctoralProf. Geoff OzinySurface Adsorption Studies of CO2 and H2 on Defected Indium Oxide Insights into Gas-Phase Heterogeneous Photocatalysis
Maria Jobette Tolentino SantosMastersProf. Mark NitzDevelopment of coupling partners for biorthogonal reactions with N-hydroxylamines
Hsin Yao SuDoctoralProf. Mark TaylorSyntheses and Application of New Chiral Phosphines as Ligands and Catalysts
Jennifer TranMastersProf. Cynthia GohDynamics of Collagen Films and Starch Observed by Atomic Force Microscopy
Alan VanderkooyDoctoralProf. Mark TaylorHalogen Bonding Polymers: Synthesis, Binding Studies, and Solution-Phase Self-Assembly
Yihe WangDoctoralProf. Eugenia KumachevaArtificial extracellular matrices for cell encapsulation and culture
Trevor William JanesDoctoralProf. Datong SongTo ancillary and beyond: CO2 activation and redox activity of NN chelate actor ligands
Annabelle Po Yin WongMastersProf. Geoff OzinEnhancement of Hydride-Terminated Silicon Nanocrystals for Gas-Phase Heterogenous Carbon Dioxide Reduction
Adam ZajdlikMastersProf. Andrei YudinMIDA borylated isocyanides enable efficient access to bioactive boropeptides and other derivatives
Conor Zeer-WanklynMastersProf. Deborah ZambleProbing the link between Ni(II) binding and GTP hydrolysis by the Escherichia coli metal chaperone HypB

November 2016 Convocation

GraduateProgramSupervisorThesis Title
Alessandra AugurusaMastersProf. Doug StephanCatalytic Investigations as a Facile Route to N-trifluoroethyl Substituted Compounds
Alyson BaergenDoctoralProf. James DonaldsonIlluminating Urban Grime: The Atmospheric Impact of Urban Grime Photochemistry
Mokit ChauDoctoralProf. Eugenia KumachevaPolymer Hydrogels, Aerogels, and Foams as Biomimetics of the Extracellular Matrix
Rachel ChoueiriDoctoralProf. Eugenia KumachevaSelf-assembly and surface-patterning of polymer-functionalized nanoparticles
Catherine CollinsMastersProf. Andrew WoolleyTowards Red Light Control of Ion Channel Blockers
Amro DodinMastersProf. Paul BrumerExcitation of Molecular Systems by Incoherent Light
Landon EdgarDoctoralProf. Mark NitzOrganotellurium Probes for Massively Multipara Metric Interrogation of Dynamic BiologyOrganotellurium Probes for Massively Multipara Metric Interrogation of Dynamic Biology
Mariam El SheikhMastersProf. Mark NitzStudies towards the development of a DART-MS based assay to study the kinetics of PgaB, a de-N-acetylase essential for biofilm formation
Kelly FirthMastersProf. Doug StephanPalladium Complexes with Pendant Electrophilic Phosphonium Cations
Jordan GoodreidDoctoralProf. Robert BateySynthesis and Biological Evaluation of Antibacterial Small Molecule Activators of Caseinolytic Protease P and the Synthetic Utility of Metal Carboxylate Salts in Amidation Reactions with Amines
Graeme HoweDoctoralProf. Ronald KlugerGeneral Base Catalyzed Decarboxylation of Thiamin-Derived Intermediates: Lessons from solution-phase and enzymic studies
Tae Hun KimDoctoralProf. Scott ProsserFunctional Dynamics of the β2-Adrenergic Receptor and Fluoroacetate Dehalogenase by 19F NMR
Robert KirbyMastersProf. Gilbert WalkerBroadband Mid-infrared Light Source for Near-Field Microscopy Using Ultrashort Near-Infrared Laser Pulses
Olivia LunMastersProf. Myrna SimpsonThe Role of Temperature, Nutrient Availability and Organo-Mineral Interactions in Altering Soil Organic Matter Composition
Perry MitchellDoctoralProf. Myrna SimpsonThe fate of organic matter in biochar-amended soil
Kowan O'KeefeMastersProf. Andrei YudinExplorations into the Nucleophilicity of Aziridine and Utilization of Boron-Containing Building Blocks in Organic Synthesis
David PetroneDoctoralProf. Mark LautensDiastereoselective Pd(0)-Catalyzed Heterocycle Synthesis via Arylhalognation and Cyanation using Bulky Monodentate Phosphine Ligands
Vitali PodgornyMastersProf. Doug StephanElectrophilic Phosphenium and Phosphonium Cations: Synthesis and Reactivity of Perfluoro- and Perchloroaryl Phosphorus Systems
Conor PranckeviciusDoctoralProf. Doug StephanStrong Electron Donor Ligands and their Application in Catalysis
Zafar QureshiDoctoralProf. Mark LautensPalladium Catalyzed C H Functionalization: Application in Multicomponent Reactions and Natural Product Synthesis
Serena SinghDoctoralProf. Ronald KlugerImproved Approaches to Protein-Protein Coupling
Alexander StewartDoctoralProf. Gilbert WalkerTeaching Nanorods: Towards the development of Phospholipid-Encapsulated Gold Nanorod Chains for Enhanced Raman-Scattering and Towards the Improvement of Student Scientific Communication Skills in Undergraduate Classroom and Laboratory Settings
Wei SunDoctoralProf. Geoff OzinSynthesis and Surface Reactions of Hydride Terminated Silicon Nanocrystals with Strong Quantum Size Effect
Alexandra TevlinDoctoralProf. Jennifer MurphySynthesis and Surface Reactions of Hydride Terminated Silicon Nanocrystals with Strong Quantum Size Effect
Lemuel TongDoctoralProf. Mitch WinnikDevelopment of Lanthanide Nanoparticles for High Sensitivity Mass Cytometry Immunoassays
Greg WentworthDoctoralProf. Jennifer MurphyAmmonia in Rural and Remote Environments
Stephen WoodMastersProf. Frank WaniaMechanistic Modelling in Support of Human Biomonitoring
Fatima YousufMastersProf. Jeremy SchofieldAnalysis of Hybrid MD-MPC Simulations of Micelle Formation under Neutral pH and Dynamics under Acidic pH Using Different pH-Sensitive Triblock Copolymer Structures