Green Chemistry Initiative

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Past Events

Chemistry Graduate Student Symposium

University at Buffalo

Conference: May 19th-21st, 2014, Abstracts Due: April 18th, 2014

For complete details, and to submit an abstract check out the Poster

The Next Steps in Green Chemistry Research

A workshop by the GCI at U of T

May 21st-23rd, 2014

The Next Steps in Green Chemistry Research workshop is designed to provide students and post-docs with the next level of information required to move from a general understanding of green chemistry to the actual application of it in their own research and in their future careers. Speakers from both academia and industry will discuss a wide variety of topics, from mechanistic toxicology to green process chemistry at an industrial scale. A crash course will also be offered for those looking to brush up on or learn the basics of green chemistry before diving into the 2 day workshop.

For more information check out our Workshop tab!


Current Campaigns

Waste reduction campaign

The Green Chemistry Initiative's Waste Reduction Campaign has a goal to educate students, researchers, and staff about how to properly dispose of both hazardous and everyday waste materials. We aim to motivate those in our department to take the time and effort to reduce waste and to correctly dispose of the waste generated. We are working to complement the existing initiatives and education offered by the university and department.

Energy reduction campaign

This initiative aims to reduce energy consumption in Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories. Currently Lash Miller is the second most energy consuming building on U of T campus. Our energy reduction initiatives include decreasing electricity in hallway lighting, reducing water consumption by replacing water vacuum aspirators with air aspirators in laboratories, and upgrading the building ventilation to a much more efficient system. Through outreach programs we will maintain involvement of students in these projects to spread the inspiration of making our campus a green environment.

We also aim to reduce energy consumption through the Shut It Campaign, which is focused on keeping the variable flow fume-hoods found in the Davenport labs closed when not in use to reduce their energy consumption. This campaign will involve inspections through the month of September, and a summary of the inspections can be found here.


Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecture

Presented by Laura Hoch and Melanie Mastronardi, Founders of the GCI

Thursday April 17th, 2014 at 1pm

Senior Combination Room, Trinity College, 6 Hoskin Avenue

For complete details, and to read the abstract check out the Poster

Future Leaders in Green Chemistry Challenge

Proposal and Poster Prizes for Green Chemistry

October 22nd, 2013

Following the success of the Future Leaders in Green Chemistry Workshop held in May 2013, the GCI will be awarding three $500 cash prizes this fall to students in the Chemistry Department who show initiative in using and promoting green chemistry and you could win one of them! One $500 prize will be awarded in each of the three following categories:

A) Research examples could include green research you have done or are currently working on, a proposal on how to make your research more green, etc.

B) Education examples could include proposals for designing a new green chemistry undergrad lab experiment, making a current lab experiment more green, designing a green tutorial or lecture, etc.

C) Community examples could include proposals for green outreach, campus-wide green awareness or sustainability changes, green policy changes, etc.

Applicants may either present their submission as a poster at the upcoming ChemClub Departmental Poster Session (i.e. for green research projects) or provide an informal written application outlining their project or proposal (approx. 1 page or 500 words). Submissions will be accepted by email at until October 8th, 2013. All posters will be evaluated by a panel of staff and faculty members at the ChemClub Departmental Poster Session and written proposals will be reviewed by our panel prior to the poster session and posted on a GCI poster board. All applicants must be available and prepared to answer questions regarding their poster or written application during the poster session. The prize winners will be announced immediately following the poster session. The prize categories have been selected to be interpreted broadly, and in general all ideas and proposals will be considered. We are looking to recognize innovative ideas that have already been implemented, or could feasibly be implemented with a bit of support or funding. While these prizes are not intended to be used to help implement such proposals, we hope this initiative will be a way to share ideas and inspire the chemistry community to think about ways green chemistry can be incorporated, as well as promote successes that have already been achieved.

Check out our November 2013 Blog to learn more about winners and participants!

Future Leaders in Green Chemistry Workshop

May 9th and 10th, 2013

The goal of this project is to deliver an educational green chemistry workshop that will empower participants with knowledge to make greener choices in chemical research. The 2-day workshop will include interactive seminars delivered by leading experts in the field. Participants will design and present a plan of action to apply green chemistry principles in their own research; invited speakers will actively provide feedback during this process. Participants will then be challenged to implement their plan over a 3 month time period. After this time, we will meet again to evaluate progress and award prizes to the most outstanding participants.