The Chemdraw Ultra Site License package is available free to all registered students, faculty and staff at or affiliated with the University of Toronto.

The download steps:

1. Go to the Cambridgesoft web page (read all these directions over first!!)

2. Login or create a Cambridgesoft account using your e-mail address that ends in ""

3. Login to Cambridgesoft using your e-mail and new password

4. On the right side of the page is a box containing:

5. Click on "My Site Subscription" to download either the PC version or the Mac version of the program.

6. Click on "My Downloads" to retrieve your serial number for either the Mac or PC.

7. Enter the registration code into the software to activate. You can use a combination of these serials numbers up to three times - for a work machine, home machine or laptop for example.

Note: When you need to download the software onto a second computer, you login with your Cambridgesoft account and download again - just use the same serial numbers.

Ignore the "Register my software" option - that is for the commercial users.


As this is a one year license, we will be sending out invitations to renew each year in October. If you graduated during the year, you will not be eligible to renew your licence unless you are continuing at U of T as a grad student or postdoc.

If you require any help or clarifications, please contact Patricia Meindl, Chemistry Librarian, or phone 416-978-3587.