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Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser

Academic Title: Emeritus Associate Professor

Phone: 416-978-4650 / 416-287-7214

Office: LM 420C



My research interests cover three topics: the kinetics of biochemical systems, stochastic differential equations (particularly those showing anomalous relaxation and factual attractors), and cellular automata.

I am interested in the application of dynamical-systems theory to enzyme kinetics, e.g. the investigation of manifold geometry in steady-state and transient kinetics through functional equation methods; the investigation of stability, oscillatory behaviour, bifurcations and chaos in these biologically important dynamical systems. Recent papers discuss the invariant manifold structure and the kinetics of several enzyme inhibition mechanisms.

Ray Kapral and I have studied relaxation dynamics in stochastic differential and difference equations; noisy stochastic maps; stochastically induced coherence, noise-induced transitions and multifractality in the (purely singular) invariant measures for these systems. This work represents the dynamical investigation of a new class of stochastic processes.

I am studying aspects of Cellular Automata (CA) evolution, e.g. CA models of domain growth in continuously seeded CA, self-organization and phase resetting of domain structure, local and global effects on dynamics of wave propagation. This model and its dynamics are chemically and biologically important in competition models, nucleation and the general epidemic process. 

Selected Publications

  • M.R. Roussel and S.J. Fraser, Global Analysis of Enzyme Inhibition Kinetics,
    J. Phys. Chem.,1993, 97, 8316-8327. 
  • S.J. Fraser and R. Kapral, Periodic Dichotomous-noise-induced Transitions and Stochastic Coherence,
    Phys. Rev. A. 1992, 45, 3412-3424.