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Imre Csizmadia

Academic Title: Emeritus Professor

Phone: 416-978-3589

Office: LM 601

Selected Publications

A. Rágyanszki, Klára Z. Gerlei, A. Surányi, I. G. Csizmadia, A. Kelemen, S. J. K. Jensen and B. Viskolcz. (2015) Big Data reduction by fitting mathematical functions A search for appropriate functions to fit Ramachandran surfaces. Chem. Phys. Lett. 625 91-97

J. J. Szórád, E. P. Faragó, A. Rágyanszki, F. A. C. Prado, B. Fiser, M. C. Owen, B. Jójárt, C. A. Morgado, M.Sz?ri, S. J. K. Jensen, I. G. Csizmadia and B. Viskolcz. (2015) Conformation change of opiorphin derivates. A theoretical study of the radical initiated epimerization of opiorphin. Chem. Phys. Lett. 626 29–38

B. Fiser, Z. Mucsi, E. GómezBengoa, B. Viskolcz, S. J. K.Jensen, I. G. Csizmadia Radicalicity: A scale to compare reactivities of radicals. (2015) CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 618: pp. 99101.

B. Fiser B, B. Jojart, M. Szori, G. Lendvay, I. G. Csizmadia, B. Viskolcz. Glutathione as a Prebiotic Answer to alphaPeptide Based Life. (2015) JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B CONDENSED MATTER R MATERIALS SURFACES INTERFACES AND BIOPHYSICAL 119:(10) pp. 39403947.