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Chemical Physics

Paul Brumer Al-Amin Dhirani D. James Donaldson Simon Fraser
M. Cynthia Goh Artur Izmaylov Raymond Kapral Peter Macdonald
Michael Menzinger R.J. Dwayne Miller John Polanyi Jeremy Schofield
Gregory Scholes Dvira Segal John Valleau Oleksandr Voznyy
Stuart Whittington

Chemical Physics involves research at the interface of physics, mathematics, applied mathematics, computer science, and chemistry.  It can be characterized as the quest to lay bare the underlying basic explanations of the structure and dynamics of molecular and bulk-matter systems, in terms of the interactions of atoms and molecules.

The subject matter includes themes such as:

  • general behaviour of polymers, fluids and solids, biological macromolecules & nanoparticles
  • molecular collisions and scattering theory
  • coherent quantum processes
  • non-linear chemical dynamics
  • chemical processes at surfaces
  • quantum structure of molecules
  • reaction dynamics
  • electron transfer processes

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