Environmental Chemistry
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Environmental Chemistry Course Offerings (2017/2018)

Course Designation Instructor(s) Location
CHM1401HF: Transport and Fate of Chemical Species in the Environment A. Simpson/J. Donaldson/S. Mabury/F. Wania St. George/UTSC
CHM1410HF: Analytical Environmental Chemistry J. D'eon/H. Peng St. George
CHM1415HS: Topics in Atmospheric Chemistry J. Murphy St. George
CHM1590Y: Environmental Chemistry Seminar M. Simpson/J. D'eon St. George/UTSC

See the course timetable for scheduling on the department website.

Environmental Chemistry Courses Offered Alternate Years

Course Designation Instructor(s) Location
CHM1404HS: ​Molecular Analysis of N​atural Systems A. Simpson UTSC
CHM1420H: ​Environmental Chemistry of Soil M. Simpson UTSC
CHM1425H: Modelling the Fate of Organic Chemicals in the Environment F. Wania UTSC
CHM1430H: Advanced Topics in Atmospheric Chemistry St. George
CHM1550H: Topics in Environmental Chemistry​

See the Environmental Chemistry Course Catalogue for course descriptions.

To complete their degree requirements, many students take courses outside of the environmental chemistry offerings. Below are other courses that environmental graduate students have chosen in the past.

Alternative Course Options

Course Designation Department Location
CHM1102H: Biosensors and Chemical Sensors Chemistry (Analytical) St. George
CHM1104H: Separation Science Chemistry (Analytical) St. George
CHM1106H: Laboratory Instrumentation Chemistry (Analytical) St. George
CHM1003H: Physical Organic Chemistry Chemistry (Organic) St. George
CHM1478H: Quantum Mechanics for Physical Chemists Chemistry (Physical) St. George
CHM1479H: Thermodynamics Chemistry (Physical) St. George
CHM1480H: Statistical Mechanics Chemistry (Physical) St. George
CHM1481H: Reaction Kinetics and Dynamics Chemistry (Physical) St. George
EES1105H: Soil Contamination Chemistry Environmental Science UTSC
PHY2502H: Climate System Dynamics Physics St. George
PHY2504H: Atmospheric Dynamics Physics St. George
PHY2505H: Atmospheric Radiative Transfer and Remote Sounding Physics St. George
PHY2506H: Data Assimilation and Retrieval Theory Physics St. George
GLG1441H: Remote Sensing of Earth and the Terrestrial Planets Geology St. George
STA2202H: Time Series Analysis Statistics St. George
CSC2602H: Computational Models of Climate Change Computer Science St. George
CSC2720H: Systems Thinking for Global Problems Computer Science St. George
ESS2303H: Earth Systems Evolutions Earth Sciences St. George
ESS2304H: Geochemistry Earth Sciences St. George
ESS2704H: Isotope Geochemistry Earth Sciences St. George
CHE1435H: Aerosol Physics and Chemistry Chemical Engineering St. George
JNP1014Y: Interdisciplinary Toxicology Pharmacology and Toxicology St. George
JNP1016H: Graduate Seminar in Toxicology Pharmacology and Toxicology St. George
JNP1018H: Molecular and Biochemical basis of Toxicology I Pharmacology and Toxicology St. George