Environmental Chemistry
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Undergraduate Program

The University of Toronto offers both a Environmental Chemistry Specialist and an Environmental Chemistry Minor. Please see the departmental website for more information on undergraduate education.

Undergraduate Courses in Environmental Chemistry 2017/2018

Course Designation Instructor(s) Location
CHM210HF: Chemistry of Environmental Change J. Abbatt St. George
CHM310HS: Environmental Chemistry J. D'eon St. George
CHM410HF: Analytical Environmental Chemistry J. D'eon/H. Peng St. George
CHM415HS: Topics in Atmospheric Chemistry (Graduate course: CHM 1415H) J. Murphy St. George

Research Opportunities

The Department of Chemistry supports the University's mandate in enhancing student experience by participating actively in providing undergraduate students the chance to learn the discipline of discovery through research. Environmental Chemistry faculty can support undergraduate research opportunities through CHM299, CHM499, summer research opportunities including the NSERC USRA program, and the University of Toronto work-study program.

There are also additional potential research opportunities available through the Centre for Global Change Science Undergraduate Intern Programme and the Centre for Planetary Science Summer Undergraduate Fellowship Program.

Please follow the above links and direct your applications accordingly.