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January 2018:

Congratulations to Judy who has been awarded a prestigious JSPS Fellowship and will be joining Professor Makoto Yamashita's group at Nagoya University in the spring of 2018!

Welcome to Carolin Schneider and Maegan Ong! Carolin joins our group from the University of Münster as part of the IRTG program and Maegan has joined us as an undergraduate volunteer student.

Congratulations to Louie! Louie has been awarded his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry!

December 2017:

Congratulations to Doug and Dianne on welcoming their first grandchild!

Welcome to Alvaro Briceno-Strocchia. Alvaro joins our group as a volunteer student until he begins graduate studies in the summer of 2018.

November 2017:

Congratulations to Julia! Julia has been nominated for a Notable Award for Best in Fitness. The Notable Awards honour the best of the best of Canada's young professionals. Be sure to vote delay for Julia, you can find her under the Best in Fitness Presented by Equinox by clicking here:

Congratulations Judy! Judy has been awarded her PhD in Chemistry.

October 2017:

Welcome to Haley Cummings and Hlib Razumkov! Both Haley and Hlib have joined our group as undergraduate volunteer students for the 2017/2018 school year.

Congratulations to Connie Tang and Eliar Mosaferi! Connie has been awarded the Leslie Gladstone Cook Memorial Fellowship and Eliar has been awarded the Dalton Pharma Services Advanced Inorganic and Materials Laboratory Fellowship.

September 2017:

Welcome to Ryan Andrews. Ryan joins our group as graduate student after completing his B.Sc. at the University of British Columbia.

Welcome to Valerio Fasano! Valerio joins our group from the University of Manchester as a visiting RSC researcher.

August 2017:

Welcome to Felix Krischer! Felix joins the Stephan group as a visiting researcher from the University of Münster.

Congratulations to Meera! Meera has recently been awarded her PhD in Chemistry.

July 2017:

Welcome to Saurabh Chitnis! Saurabh joins the group as our newest Postdoctoral Fellow after finishing up a PDF position at the University of Bristol.

The Stephan group at the CIC Inorganic Mixer were trivia winners! Here's Diya with the prize:


Shanna's nephew Keegan was visiting Toronto from Thunder Bay and asked to come be a junior scientist for an afternoon. Big thanks to Karlee and Kevin for showing him some neat experiments, including making a fire extinguisher!

June 2017:

Congratulations to Ian Mallov and Shawn Postle! Both Ian and Shawn have recently been awarded their PhD's in Chemistry.

The CSC was held in Toronto this year and was a highly successful event with record numbers in attendance. Below is a photo of University Toronto staff and faculty who were instrumental in ensuring this event was a success.

Left to Right: Lindy Chan, Mark Lautens, Rob Batey (Chair of the Chemistry Department) and Doug Stephan.

May 2017:

Welcome to Farah Farinha and Christopher Major! Farah joins the Stephan group for the summer as an undergraduate NSERC student. Christopher joins us our newest graduate MSc student.

April 2017:

Welcome to Jennifer Möricke and Arne Stepen! Jennifer joins the Stephan group as a visiting IRTG researcher from the University of Münster and Arne joins us from as a visiting researcher from Jan Paradis' group at the University of Paderborn.

Congratulations to Ian! Ian has been award the Dalton Pharma Services Advanced Inorganic and Materials Laboratory Fellowship.

March 2017:

Welcome to Solomon Voldarsky who joins us as a visiting researcher from Professor Roman Dobrovetsky's groups at the Tel Aviv University. Solomon was awarded the Canada-Israel Innovation Initiative for Student Mobility, which awards him funding for his research stay at the University of Toronto.

Congratulations to Lauren Longobardi! Lauren has been recently awarded a Humboldt Fellowship!

Congratulations Karlee! Karlee has recently been awarded an Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (Doctoral). This award aims to help ensure that highly qualified personnel are being trained and meeting Canada's knowledge economy's needs.

Congratulations to Bidraha Bagh! Bid has accepted an Assistant Professor position at the National Institute of Science Education and Research in Bhubaneswa, India.

The bi-annual IRTG Symposium was held March 9 - 10, 2017 at the University of Toronto and was attended by approximately 90 guests from the Universität Münster and the University of Toronto. Participants took part in 2 days of talks from students and professors, along with a poster session of graduate student research.

The Gordon Research Conference in Galveston, Texas had some familiar Stephan group faces in attendance. Roman Belli, Chris Caputo, Tayseer Mahdi, Edwin Otten and Zachariah Heiden had the opportunity to reconnect for a great Stephan group photo op!

February 2017:

Congratulations to Eliar! Eliar has been awarded an Edwin Walter Warren Graduate Student Award.

January 2017:

Congratulations to Liu (Leo) Liu on his recent nuptials over the Christmas break and to Levy on his recent engagement!

Welcome to Andreas Hoffmann from RWTH Aachen! Andreas joins us for 3 months as a visiting researcher.

Congratulations to Lauren! Lauren has recently been awarded a NSERC PDF!

December 2016:

Congratulations to Lauren who has been awarded her PhD in Chemistry!

November 2016:

Congratulations to Conor who has been awarded a Humboldt Fellowship!

Congratulations Doug! Doug has been selected as one of the most "Highly Prolific Authors" by Organometallics. You can view other selected authors and other selections here:

October 2016:

Welcome to Liu Liu! Liu joins the Stephan group as a postdoctoral fellow from Xiamen University and was also a visiting researcher with Professor Guy Bertrand at the University of California - San Diego.

Welcome back to Hannes Backers and welcome to Kaoko Sato. Both Hannes and Kaoko come from the University of Münster (Germany) as graduate student researches with the IRTG program.

September 2016:

Welcome to Jonathan Gross, Connie Tang, Diya Zhu, Yue (Christopher) Shao, Andrew Jupp, Anson Sathaseevan, Catherine Yao, Jingning (Yvonne) Zhou, Ho Yin (Chris) Kum, Gabriel Wee, Rouzbeh Ostadsharif Memar, Jenny Xiao and Jiliang Zhou! Jonathan joins our group as an exchange student from the University of Mainz, Connie rejoins us as graduate student and Diya and Yue (Christopher) also join the Stephan group as new graduate students. Andrew joins our group as our newest postdoctoral fellow and Banting Fellowship holder from the University of Oxford. Anson, Catherine and Jingning (Yvonne) have all joined the Stephan group as part of their CHM 299 research course and Ho Yin (Chris), Gabriel, Rouzbeh and Jenny are all undergraduate volunteers for the 2016/2017 school term. Jiliang joins our group as a SIOC scholarship holder for his postdoctoral research stay with the Stephan group.

Congratulations to Chery Tanur and Chris Caputo. Cheryl and Chris tied the knot in July with many current and former Stephan group members in attendance.

August 2016:

Welcome to Maotong (Albert) Xu. Maotong joins the Stephan Group as our newest graduate student.

Curios about short-term tattoos? Former graduate student Chris Caputo is currently working with start-up company InkBox. Read about it here:

Congratulations Conor! Conor has been awarded his PhD in Chemistry.

Congratulations to Lauren, Ian and Shawn! They have all received Doctoral Completion Awards, during this time they will be working on completing their respective theses.

July 2016:

Congratulations to Doug! Doug was named amongst Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers in 2015, being in the top 1% of researchers in Inorganic Chemistry. To view the listings, please visit:

June 2016:

Welcome to Professor J.J. Vittal from the National University of Singapore who will be with the Stephan group for the duration of his sabbatical stay.

May 2016:

Welcome to our summer NSERC undergraduate students. Sarah Mathers and  Pavel Zatsepin are joining the Stephan group as new members and Simon Harris is continuing his research.

Congratulations to Lauren Longobardi, Kevin Szkop and Jolie Lam.  Lauren and Kevin  have both been awarded F.E. Beamish Prizes in Inorganic Chemistry and Jolie was awarded first place for her poster presentation at the GCI symposium.

April 2016:

Welcome to all of our newest visiting researchers! Professor Xianghua Yang joins us from Guangdong University of Technology in China and was awarded special funding for her research stay from the China Scholarship Council. Marius Wünsche joins us from Ekke Hahn's group at the University of Münster as part of the IRTG research program. Lewis Wilkins joins us from Rebecca Melen's group at Cardiff University and has special funding for his research stay from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Congratulations to Chris Caputo! Chris is the winner of the 2015 Chair's Doctoral Medal for his thesis "Electrophilic Fluorophosphonium Cations - The Transition from Boron to Phosphorus Lewis Acids in Frustrated Lewis Pair (FLP) Chemistry".

Congratulations to Mike Boone and Andrea Kirby on their recent nuptials in Mexico with many of group members in attendance (former and current). Both Mike and Andrea met as chemistry graduate students.

(Left to Right): Chris Caputo, Cheryl Tanur, Sanja Resanovic, Tayseer Mahdi, Adam McKinty, Mike Boone, Eliar Mosefari, Andrea Kirby, Adelle Vandersteen, Renan Cariou, Lauren Longbardi, Sean Liew and Star.

February 2016:

Congratulations to Julia! Julia has been awarded  an ICOMC travel bursary for the ICOMC 2016 conference in Melbourne, Australia. Students have been awarded across the globe and can be viewed here:

The University of Toronto Chemistry Department has launched its own  LinkedIn Alumni Page - former undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to join. To request to join please visit:

 Doug has been featured in the newest edition of the Chemistry Department's e-Distillations. Doug's interview can be viewed here:

January 2016:

Welcome to our newest group members! Karlee Bamford joins our group from University of  Victoria as a PhD student, Roman Korol has joined as a volunteer undergraduate student and both Hannes Backers and Mirco Fleige have joined the Stephan group as part of the IRTG program from the Universität Münster.

As part of the Chemistry Department's "Departmental Firsts", Doug has a video presentation of: Discovery of the Unique and Broad Synthetic Utility of Frustrated Lewis Pairs - be sure to watch!

Pacifichem 2015 happened in Hawaii last month and the Stephan group was well represented with 8 graduate students and one postdoctoral fellow in attendance.

November 2015:

Congratulations to Erika and Judy who were both awarded SGS Travel Grants for their upcoming attendance at the Pacifichem Conference in Hawaii.

Congratulations to Eliar, Conor, Meera, Ian, Lauren and Levy who have all been awarded Chemistry Travel Grants for their upcoming attendance to the Pacifichem Conference.

Congratulations to Eliar who was awarded an Ontario Students Opportunities Trust Fund!

October 2015:

Welcome to Rosalyn Falconer! Rosalyn joins us from the Professor Russell's group at the University of Bristol as a visiting researcher.

Congratulations to Gab Ménard and his wife Joey! Gab and Joey welcomed their first child, baby girl Quinn on Friday October 2nd.

Congratulations to Phillip and Veronika! Phillip and Veronika recently married in a fall wedding in Germany.                                              

September 2015:

Welcome to Josephine Possart, Kevin Schwedtmann, Kevin Szkop, Jay Chi and welcome back to Alessandra Augurusa. Both Josephine and Kevin Schwedtmann join us from the Universität Münster as visiting graduate research students,  part of the IRTG program. Josephine joins us from Professor Uhl's group and Kevin Schwedtmann from Professor Erker's group. Kevin Szkop, Jay Chi and Alessandra are all joining the group as M.Sc. students. We also welcome new and old students to the group form CHM 299 and CHM 499 research courses. Ruben Mirzoyan, Simon Harris and Sarah Hill are all CHM 299 students and Brian Tsui, Xhoana Gjergji and Lu (Jason) Ying are all CHM 499 students for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Congratulations to Doug! Doug has been named as an Einstein Visiting Fellow at Technische Universität Berlin. This is a huge honour for Doug, as Einstein Visiting Fellows are leading scientists and scholars from abroad who enhance focal areas of excellence and raise the international profile of universities and research institutions in Berlin. For further information on the Einstein Foundation, please visit their website:

Doug also joins 15 other University of Toronto faculty as a 2015 Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher and is one of 6 Canadian chemists on the list! To view the list, please visit the following link:

August 2015:

Welcome to Fatma Türkyilmaz and Hanpeng Jin from the Universität Münster in Germany. Both Fatma and Hanpeng have joined our group as part of the IRTG program as a visiting graduate research students from Professor Erker's group.

Welcome to Ibrahim Saleh A. Hayyan! Ibrahim has joined our group for two months as part of a training program with our industrial sponsor SABIC.

July 2015:

Welcome to Dylan Romeo-Marshall. Dylan joins us a volunteer high school student from TA Blakelock High School in Oakville.

Doug was in Berlin Germany at the ICIQ-UniCat Summer School 2015. Below are links of videos of various talks and events:

Photos can be view here:

June 2015:

Welcome to Kelly Firth! Kelly joins our group as our newest graduate student from the University of Western Ontario. Welcome back to Isaac García and a new welcome to Timothy Johnstone! Isaac returns to our group after being a visiting researcher and Timothy come from MIT, both are our newest Postdoctoral Fellows.

Congratulations to Lauren and Conor! Both Lauren and Conor have been awarded Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarships and Lauren has also been shortlisted in the top 45 as a Reaxys PhD prize finalist and has been invited to attend the prize symposium being held in Hong Kong in September.

Congratulations to Rashi Hiranandani! Rashi has been accepted into medical school at the University of Ottawa.

May 2015:

Welcome to all of our new group additions! Xhoana Gjergji, Brian Tsui and Amanda Wolczanski have joined our group as summer NSERC students. Simon Harris is our newest undergraduate volunteer student and Benjamin Günther is a visiting researcher joining us from Cardiff University/Univeristät Heidelberg.

Jordan Hoffman has been awarded a UTEA-NSE scholarship for her summer research stay, David Ripsman has also been awarded a summer NSERC and Vitali Podgorny has been accepted into Graduate school at the University of Toronto and all  are continuing with their research areas in the Stephan group.

Congratulations to Tayseer Mahdi for being awarded her PhD!

Congratulations to both Julia Bayne and Judy Tsao on both recently being awarded F.E. Beamish prizes in Inorganic Chemistry!

April 2015:

Congratulations to Julie Bayne on being awarded a prestigious Vanier Scholaship!

Congratulations to Manuel Pérez and Alena Rudolph on their recent nuptials!

March 2015:

Welcome to Sharmeila Cherla! Sharmeila joins us from the University of Toronto Schools as a volunteer high school student.

The DFG/Pharmaron Symposium on March 20th, hosted students and Professors from the Universität Münster and from the University of Toronto. The IRTG is an exciting opportunity for graduate students from both universities to participate in an exchange and study either in Germany or Canada.

February 2015:

Congratulations to Mike Boone and Chris Caputo!  Mike has been awarded a Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship and Chris has been awarded his PhD!

Welcome to Jeremy Hunt and Edan Binyamin! Jeremy joins us from the University of Toronto Schools and Edan from the University of Toronto, and both will be volunteers in the lab.

January 2015:

Welcome to Isaac Garcia de la Arada, Remington Free and Talia Shmool! Isaac joins us from the Universidad de Oviedo (Spain) for a 3 month research stay supported by the Spanish government. Remington is a volunteer high school student from Toronto and will be with us for the January - June 2015 school term. Talia joins us as a New College 491H1 Independent Study Student as part of her Bachelor's degree.

Congratulations to Chris Caputo! Chris has recently been awarded a NSERC PDF and once Chris has defended he will joining Professor Ted Betley's group at Harvard.

November 2014:

Congratulations Ian! Ian has been awarded  the GSEF: Chem Club Graduate Scholarship for the 2014/2015 school year.

Congratulations to Roman and his wife Marina on the birth of their first child. Roman and Marina welcomed baby Eden on November 24th.

Congratulations to Bid and his wife Cherly Agiyan who recently were wed in Diamond Harbour (West Bengal) India!

October 2014:

Congratulations to Doug! Doug was awarded the Canadian Green Chemistry and Engineering award at the Canadian Chemical Engineering conference in Niagara Falls.

September 2014:

Congratulations to Fatme Dahcheh and Jeff Farrell for both being awarded their PhD's!

Welcome to all of our new lab additions! Adam Ruddy joins our group as our newest postdoctoral fellow from Dalhousie University. Abbna Sriskantharajah has joined our lab as a visiting research from Professor Erker's group (Westfälische-Wilhelms Univerisity in Münster, Germany). Julia Berssem and Julian Heck have both joined the group as exchange students from the University of Mainz. Julia Bayne, Alexander Waked, Jolie Lam and Levy Cao have all joined the group as our newest graduate students. Julia Bayne joins us from the University of Ottawa, Jolie from the University of Toronto, Alexander from McGill University and Levy from the University of Saskatchewan. Welcome to Alessandra Augurusa, Denise Peda, Jordan Hoffman, David Rispman and Ruben Mirzoyan. Alessandra along with Vitali are CHM 499 students, Denise and Jordan are both CHM 299 students and David and Ruben are both undergraduate volunteers.

Congratulations to Erika and Liyuan! Erika has been awarded an OGS scholariship and Liyuan has accepted an Associate Professor position at the Institute of Nanoscience and Energy in Chongquing, China.

August 2014:

Welcome back to Antonio Antiñolo from the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (Cicuad-Real, Spain) who will be with our group during the month August.

Welcome to our new visiting researchers Sergej Tamke and Yanhua Lu. Sergej joins us as visiting graduate student from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Jan Paradies' group) for a six month research stay. Yanhau joins us from the Institute of Aerospace Chemical Technology in Xiangyang Hubei (China) for a year long stay sponsored by the China Scholarship Council

July 2014:

Welcome to Juri Möbus and Feng Li! Juri joins our group as a postdoctoral fellow after recently completing his Ph.D. at the University of Münster and Feng Li joins our group for a three month stay as a visiting researcher from Nanjing University of Science and Technology.

Congratulations to Recebecca Neu! Rebecca recently has started a position with Mitacs at Carleton University as a Business Development Specialist.

Congratulations to Doug & Scott Maybury. Both Doug and Scott have been cited in a recent article in the Globe and Mail, which listed the most highly cited researchers in 2014. The international list is comprised of over 3000 researchers, 16 of which were from the University of Toronto and their inclusion on the list signifying that they are the top 1% of the most highly cited science researchers in their given fields.

June 2014:

Welcome to our newest graduate student Erika Daley. Erika joins us from Mount Allison University in New Brunswick.

Congratulations to Adam McKinty on recently being awarded his Ph.D. Adam will continue in the lab working on his start-up company Ruthenika with Mike Boone, and has additionally been awarded a Heffernan Fellowship for his work to continue and reach commercialization.

Congratulations to Conor! Conor has been awarded an OGS scholarships!

Congratulations to Cheryl Tanur on recently accepting the position of Buisiness Development Associate at Dalton Pharma Services!

Congratulations to Doug on recently being awarded the CIC Medal (the Chemical Institute of Canada's top award)  at the 2014 CSC in Vancouver.  You can read more about the award and Doug's recently accomplishments by visiting the Chemical Society Reviews blog.

May 2014:

Welcome to our new undergraduate students for the summer! Connie Tang and Scott Green are both summer NSERC students. Vitali Podgorny joins us with a summer OSOTF and Filip Nikacevic is a summer volunteer student. Additionally, we would like to welcome James LaFortune to our group. James is our newest graduate student joining us from the University of Ottawa.

Congratulations to Roman Dobrovetsky, Tongen Wang, Yunshan Sun and Rebecca Melen! Roman has accepted an appointment at the University of Tel Aviv, Tongen has accepted a position with Digital Specialty Chemicals, Yunshan has recently accepted a position with Toronto Research Chemicals and Rebecca has accepted a lectureship position with Cardiff University.

Congratulations to Chris and Conor. Chris and Conor have both been recently awarded SGS Conference grants.

More baby news! Congratulations to Yasutomo & Kazuko Segawa on welcoming their first child Yasunobu on May 1st.

Lastly, congratulations to Tanja (Voss) Rost on her recent nuptials!

April 2014:

Welcome to Alex Pulis and Thorsten vom Stein, who are joining our research group as our newest postdoctoral fellows. Alex joins us from the University of Bristol and Thorsten from Aachen University. Thorsten has also recently been awarded a Feodor Lynen Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation!

Congratulations to Gab Ménard and Rebecca Melen! Gab has been chosen as the Chair's Doctoral Medal winner for 2014 and has also been chosen at the Governor General's Gold Medal winner! Rebecca has been selected by EuroScience as the 1014 EYRA best young researcher having less than 5 years experience after her first PhD.

Congratulations to Phillip Jochmann! Phillip has returned to Germany and has taken on the role of Development Engineer with HILTI.

Our chemistry family keeps growing! Michael and Lena welcomed their first child Jonathan on April 21st. Congratulations to the new parents.

March 2014:

Congratulations to Fatme, Tayseer, Jeff and Chris! They have all been awarded a travel grant from the Faculty of Arts and Science to attend the CSC in Vancouver.

Congratulations to Michael Holthausen! Michael has recently been awarded a Feodor Lynen Fellowship from the Alexander von Humbolt Foundation!

Congratulations to Roy! Roy was recently awarded for his poster presentation of his work he completed as a CHM 299 student at the SOUSCC Conference!

February 2014:

Congratulations to Sharonna Greenberg and Jonathan Bida on the birth of their second child! Sharonna, Jonathan and big sister Yorit welcomed Solomon Golan Bida on Wednesday February 26th 2014.

Congratulations to Rashi! Rashi was a weekly winner in the Green Chemistry Initiative draw for correctly answering their weekly trvia questions.

January 2014:

Happy New Year!

Welcome to Julie Roy! Julie joins our group as a new graduate student.

Congratulations to Adam McKinty! Adam has been awarded a CYBF-OCE Fellowship to establish the company Ruthenika, which will commercialize catalyst technology Adam developed during his PhD work. To learn more about Ruthenika, please click here.

Congratulations to Gab Ménard! Gab has been awarded the CCUCC Doctoral Award from teh Canadian Society for Chemistry. Gab will be presented this award at the 97th Canadian Chemistry Conference in Vancouver, BC, and as an award winner will be presenting a lecture at the conference.

October 2013:

Welcome to Takashi Shigeta and Atushi Sanagawa! Takashi is joining us from the Institute for Chemical Research (Kyoto University) for a three month research stay. Atushi joins us from the Department of Applied Chemistry (Osaka University).

September 2013:

It's been a busy month in the Stephan group! Congratulations to Mike Boone on recently being awarded his Ph.D. and Christian Garon and his wife welcomed their first child Emma!

Welcome to all of our new lab additions! It's been a busy month in the Stephan group with new members joining. Li Pan from the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry (Chinese Academy of Sciences) has joined our group as our newest PDF. We also have three new graduate students who have joined the group: Sarah Weicker and Eliar Mosaferi both from UBC and Daniel Dalessandro from U of T. Mariah Colussi and Judy Truong both have joined the lab as CHM 299 students and Roy Posaratnanathan is a CHM 499 student. Roman Belli has also stayed with the group as a CHM 499 student. We also have had three new students from Germany join the group. Christina Eller comes from Erker's group at the Univesity of Münster as a visiting researcher and both Vanessa Wolter and Lukas Greifenstein are from the University of Mainz as exchange students.

August 2013:

Welcome to Heather Tang and Rashi Hiranandani! Heather has joined the group for the month of August as high school student volunteer and Rashi has joined the group as graduate student.

Happy Birthday to Doug! Doug celebrated a birthday in July so the group held a surprise party for him in early August.

Congratulations to Lindsay and Carly on their recent nuptials!

July 2013:

Congratulations to Doug! Doug has been elected a fellow of the Royal Society. Fellows of the Royal Society are from the UK or the Commonwealth and foreign members are elected through a peer review process. Be sure to visit the Royal Society's web page to read Doug's bio

Congratulations once again to Chris Caputo and Rebecca Melen! Chris has been awarded the Walter Sumner Fellowship for the upcoming 2013-2014 school term. Rebecca has recently been profiled by Scientific American as one of the 30 most promising young chemists to watch

Congratulations to Edwin and Geartruda on the birth of their (second child) daughter Famke!

Welcome to Antonio Antiñolo! Antonio is a visiting professor from the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (Cicuad-Real, Spain) who will be with our group during the months of July and August.

June 2013:

Welcome to Judy Tsao! Judy joins our group as a graduate student and has just finished her B.Sc. at McMaster University. Also a welcome to Laura Rush from the University of Bristol. Laura will be here as a visiting research for a short stay of two weeks.

Congratulations to Biggi and Florian on the birth of their first child Cara and also to Johannes and Reagan on the birth of their first child Andreas!

At the CSC this year in Quebec City, Lauren won 1st place in the Inorganic Graduate Student poster competition. Additionally, Lauren was awarded a SGS Conference grant for her travel to the CSC.

The 2013 Reaxys Ph.D. prize finalists have been announced. This award is given to excellent young chemists from around the world and received over 580 submissions this year. Among the 45 finalists are Chris and Katsuhiko. The finalists will receive $2000 to attend a symposium in Griswald, Switzerland. Chris has also been awarded the F.E. Beamish award for the Inorganic Seminar.

Katsuhiko has also received official approval from Kyoto University for his Assistant Professor position which will begin in August.

Congratulations to every one!

May 2013:

Welcome to our new lab additions! Michael Holthausen joins our group from the University of Münster as our newest post-doctoral fellow. Peter Dornan joins us from Vy Dong's group for the summer as a research assistant and Roman Belli has returned to our group as a summer NSERC student.

April 2013:

Congratulations to Gab, Fatme, Tayseer and Rebecca! Gab was recently awarded a NSERC-PDF for his stay at Harvard University. Tayseer and Fatme have both been awarded travel grants for their fall research opportunities in Germany and California. Fatme was also awarded the Dalton Pharma Services Advanced Inorganic and Materials Laboratory Fellowship for the 2012-2013 academic year. Rebecca has been awarded the 2013 Dalton Trans. Young Researcher Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK.

March 2013:

Congratulations to Rebecca! Rebecca has been selected from to attend the 63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, which will take place in Lindau, Germany from June 30th to July 5th.

Congratulations to Johannes & Reagan Dömer who are expecting their first child!

February 2013:

A double congratulations to Gabriel Ménard this month! Gab and Joanne Nowak were married at the beginning of February and at the end of the month Gab was award his PhD. Gab will be going to Harvard University next as a Postdoctoral Fellow in April of this year.

Congratulations to Tayseer, Jeff and Mike on recently all obtaining travel grants for their upcoming trip to the ACS conference in New Orleans!

Welcome back to Daniel Winkelhaus! Daniel was originally in our lab as a visiting graduate student from the Universität Bielefeld in 2011 and has since returned as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

January 2013:

January is a month of fantastic events for people from the lab! Congratulations to everyone on their achievements...

Mike Sgro recently was awarded his PhD in Chemistry and is now a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Calgary.

Zachariah Heiden has accepted a position at Washington State University as an Assistant Professor.

Edwin Otten and his wife Geartruda are expecting their second child in July.

And congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Garon on their recent nuptials!

October 2012:

Welcome to Manuel Pérez Vázquez. Manuel joins our lab from  Spain as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

Congratulations Dr. Chris Brown! Chris just defended his thesis and has been awarded his Ph.D. Chris will be moving to Germany at the end of October to pursue work as  a Postdoctoral Fellow.

September 2012:

Welcome to Bidraha Bagh, Jan Hilgert, Michael Pu and Arthur Cheung. Bidraha has joined our group as our newest postdoctoral fellow, Jan joins us from Germany as part of the Mainz student exchange program and both Michael and Arthur have joined the lab as CHM 299 students.

July 2012:

Welcome to Yunshan Sun, Jiangtao Zhu and Lauren Longobardi! Yunshan and Jiangtao will both be working as postdoctoral fellows and Lauren is joing our group as a graduate student.

Congratulations to Gab, Mike Sgro and Tayseer! Gab and Mike have both just been awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarships in Science and Technology.  Gab has won the F.E. Beamish Graduate Scholarship and Mike has won the Digital Specialty Chemicals Graduate Scholarship. Tayseer has been awarded a Teaching Reduction Award, which will allow her to spend more time focusing on research.

An additional welcome to Dr. Yasutomo Segawa. Dr. Segawa has joined our lab for a stay as a visiting researcher until September 2012, and is presently an assistant Professor at Nagoya University (Japan).

Congratulations to Renan! Renan has just accepted a position with BP, where he will be working in the Catalyst Discovery Lab (within BP's Conversion Technology Centre) in Hull (UK).

Congratulations to Mike Boone and Andrea Kirby (Aaron Wheeler's group) on their recent engagement!

June 2012:

Welcome to Rebecca Melen, Louie Fan, Meera Mehta and Dr. Shin-ichi Matsuoka! Rebecca joins our lab as our newest postdoctoral fellow. Rebecca has just completed her PhD at Cambridge University (UK). Louie (York University) and Meera (McMaster University) are both starting the graduate program at the University of Toronto. Dr. Matsuoka joins us until the end of October 2012, as a visiting researcher. He is presently an assistant Professor at the Nagoya Institute of Technology (Japan).

Congratulations to Dr. Rebecca Neu and Dr. Xioaxi (Shokei) Zhao! Both Rebecca and Shokei had their final oral examinations and were awarded with their PhD's. Rebecca will continue on to get her MBA at Carleton University this fall and Shokei will be working for JGC Corp. in Yokohoma, Japan. Congratulations to both Stephanie Granville and Sanja Resanovic for being accepted into teacher's college; Stephanie attending the University of Ottawa and Sanja the University of Toronto. And finally congratulations to Ahmed and his family on welcoming their new baby Mohamed.

May 2012:

Welcome to Phillip Jochmann and Olga Ekkert. Olga has joined us for the summer as a visiting researcher from Dr. Gerhard Erker's lab in Muenster, Germany. Phillip, having just completed his PhD at Aachen University (Germany); joins us as a Postdoctoral Fellow and has been awarded a Humboldt fellowship.

Congratulations Doug! Doug is the recipient of the 2012 Royal Society of Chemistry's Ludwig Mond Award. This award is given for outstanding research in any aspect of inorganic chemistry.

April 2012:

Welcome to Katsuhiko Takeuchi and Sophie Botte. Katsuhiko joins us from the University of Tsukuba (Ibaraki, Japan) as our newest Postdoctoral Fellow. Katsuhiko has been awarded a Postdoctral Fellowship for Research Abroad from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Sophie joins us from the University of Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris, France) as part of her university training.

Congratulations to the Greenberg-Bida family! Sharonna and her husband Jonathan welcomed their baby girl, Yorit Shachar Bida (named after Sharonna's Grandfather) on April 16th.

March 2012:

Jon (above) and Roman (below) present their CHM 299 course work at an undergraduate poster session.

February 2012:

Welcome to Ryan Wareham and Christian Garon. Ryan will be working until May in the lab as a Graduate Student Trainee, he then transitions into the graduate program. Christian joins us from the Université Laval as our newest Postdoctoral Fellow.

January 2012:

Congratulations to Alberto Ramos on his new position at the Instuto Nacional del Carbón (National Coal Research Centre) in Oveido, Spain.

Doug was recently featured on the Rogers TV program "A Greener York"; where he talks about the potential of converting CO2 into methanol with FLP's. Also featured in the program in Professor Eugenia Kumacheva, Mike Boone, Mike Sgro, Stephanie Granville, Anne Kraft, Sanja Resanović and Gabriel Ménard.

To watch the video, please click on the following link:

Congratulations Sarah Hughes! Sarah has been successful with her OBW(Ontario/Baden-Württemberg) student exchange  application. Sarah will spend the summer at the University of Freiburg, where she will be working with Professor Ingo Krossing.

November 2011:

Congratulations to Michael Schedler. Michael has recently been awarded the Kekulé Stipendium des Fonds der Chemischen Industrie, which is funded by the German chemical industry. Michael is currently working towards his Ph.D. in Münster, Germany studying under Professor Glorius.

October 2011:

Congratulations to Clinton & Vanessa Lund. Clinton and Vanessa welcomed their first child, Ruby Lund in early October.

Welcome to Tongen Wang who has joined our group as a postdoctoral fellow. Tongen joins was previously a PDF for Professor Michael Gangé at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

Congratulations Cheryl! Cheryl has just accepted a position with Contract Pharmaceuticals Ltd. as a Project Development Coordinator.

Doug, Roland Froehlch (of Muenster, Germany) & Johannes both recently ran in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Doug's final time for the marathon was 4:25:15.4, Roland's 4:06:42 and Johannes' 4:24:31.8. Great job & congratulations to all!

More baby news! Sharonna Greenberg & her husband Jonathan Bida are expecting their first child in April 2012. Best wishes to them both as they get ready for this new chapter in their lives.

September 2011:

Welcome to Esther Riga, Jillian Hatnean, Liyuan Liang, Shawn Postle, Roman Belli and Jon del Castillo. Esther has joined us from the Universitaet Mainz, Germany as an exchange student. Jillian and Liyuan have both joined us as new postdoctoral fellows, Jillian from the University of Windsor and Liyuan from the University of Bordeaux 1, France. Shawn has joined us from UBC as a graduate student. Roman and Jon are new undergraduate students who will be fullfilling their CHM 299 course research requirements in the lab.

A welcome back to Conor Pranckevicius. Conor was previously an undergraduate student who has returned to do his master.

Congratulations to Biggi Birkmann! Biggi and Florian have recently gotten engaged and are planning their wedding for 2012.

Steve Clemens & family welcomed their new daughter Saskia Elizabeth Clemens on Monday September 19th. Congratulations on your new addition!

August 2011:

Welcome to Lutz Greb. Lutz is joining us for the fall as a visitng graduate student researcher from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany.

Congratulations to Sharonna Greenberg! Sharonna will be a full-time contract professor this fall/winter at Ryerson University.

July 2011:

Congratulations to Fatme Dahcheh! Fatme has recently been awarded teh Queen Elizabeth II Graduat Scholarship in Science and Technology.

June 2011:

Welcome to Roman Dobrovetsky! Roman joins our group as our newest Postdoctoral Fellow from Thechnion - Israel Institute of Technology.

Doug has received re-invitation from the Alexander von Humboldt foundation to return to Germany. This is an extension to his Senior Research Award and it provides a renewed research stay of up to three months and supports three younger researchers of his choice.

 Congratulations to Rebecca Neu and Stephanie Granville. Rebecca and  Stephanie both received awards at this years CSC in Montreal for their poster  presentations.


Photo: Johannes, Rebbecca, Fatme, Stephanie and Mike Sgro in Montreal.

Doug with Professor Eugenia Kumacheva have been awarded a grant from the Network of Centres of Excellence -  Carbon Management Canada Program. Click here for the full article.

May 2011:

Welcome to Anne Kraft who joins us for the summer as a visiting researcher from the Universität Freiburg, Germany.

Congratulations Eva Ouyang! Eva has just accepted an offer to attend the University of Toronto Medical School.

Dinesh Jagadeesan has been awarded a Ontario Post-doctoral Fellowship. This fellowship is awarded from the Ministry of Research and Innovation and gives Dinesh additional funding for the next two years while he continues his research under Professors Doug Stephan and Eugenia Kumacheva. Congratulations!

April 2011:

More new additions to the lab! Welcome to Yohan Gautier whom is a visiting researcher from the Universite de Rennes, France.

Lindsay Hounjet has joined the Stephan group as our newest Postdoctoral Fellow. Lindsay has studied at the University of Saskatchewan and has completed his Ph.D. at the University of Alberta.

March 2011:

Congratulations to Mike Sgro! Mike's recent paper in Dalton Transactions, has landed him the inside cover of the journal.

Lina and Sarah both presented posters, as part of their CHM 299 project on the work that they have been doing for the academic year. Sarah will also be continuing her work this summer as a recent recipient of a Summer NSERC. 

February 2011:

Welcome to Ahmed Abouelatta and Daniel Winkelhaus. Ahmed is a new Postdoc who joins us from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and Daniel is a visiting graduate student from the University Bielefeld, Germany.

January 2011:

Welcome to our newest Postdoc Chungfang Jiang. Chunfang joins us from Anorganisch-Chemisches Institut, Universität Zürich.

December 2010:

 Some of our Stephan Group members in Hawaii for the  Pacific Chem conference, had a successful deep-sea fishing    adventure.

November 2010:

Congratulations to Mike Sgro! Mike's NSERC PGS D has been upgraded to a CGS D Level!

Effective January 1, 2011 Doug will be an Associate Editor for Chemical Society Reviews. As the Associate Editor doug will be covering inorganic and organometallic chemistry, including main group and transition metal chemistry, organometallic reactivity & catalysis, ligand design, applications of catalysis in organic chemistry, materials and polymer synthesis.

For details please visit:

 Congratulations to Gab! Gab was recognized for one of the best  oral  presentations (out of 3 for graduate students) at the 43rd  Inorganic  Discussion Weekend held at the University of Windsor.  The  conference had over 150 participants from Ontario, Quebec,  Michigan and Ohio.

October 2010:

Congratulations to Johannes! Johannes was recently awarded a Feodor Lynen Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Congratulations to Edwin & Geartruda, who are expecting their first child.

September 2010:

September is a busy month for weddings! Congratulations to Todd Graham & Brooke Dalley, Louisa Stanlake & Jesse Corrigan and Jason Morton & Mariya Morar!

Welcome to all of our new students! Our group has two new graduate students joining us; Chris Caputo from the University of Windsor and Stephanie Granville from the University of Ottawa. We have two new undergraduates joining us from the University of Toronto - Sarah Hughes and Lina Tran. We also have a new exchange student from Germany. Christoph Kreitner joins us from the Universitaet Mainz.

Adam & Mike Boone showing off some "Albertan Culture" at the Chem Club Alberta night.

August 2010:

Congratulations to Stephen Geier and Megan Mitten on their marriage!

July 2010:

Congratulations to Chris on his recent paper in Dalton Transactions! Chris' paper "Cyclopropanation of Ru-diimino-pyridine ligand complexes" has been highlighted in the Hot Articles section, which features the journals most highly rated papers.

Congratulations to Gab and his winning poster at this years CSC conference!

Congratulations to everyone involved in the article "Tuning Lewis acidity using the reactivity of "frustrated Lewis pairs": facile formation of phosphine-boranes and cationic phosphonium-boranes", this paper has been listed by Dalton Transactions as one of the most highly cited articles in 2009!

June 2010:

Congratulations to all of our graduates! 

Welcome to our new Postdoctoral Fellow Johannes Dömer. Johannes joins us from Professor Ekke Hahn's group in Germany.

Congratulations to Mike Sgro for his paper in Dalton Transactions, "Synthesis and exchange reactions of Ni-dimineCOD, acetylene and olefin complexes". Mike's paper also had the honor of making the cover of the journal.


Doug and some of the RSC board members in Shanghai China.  

May 2010:

Congratulations to Doug! Doug was recently admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Chemical Society (United Kingdom).

Welcome to our new summer students! Fredrick is a summer NSERC student from the University of Toronto, Tayseer and Sanja are both joining us from Ryerson University and will both continue onto gradutate school with the university in the fall.

Doug has been invited to speak at the Chem Soc Rev Internation Symposium in China this June.The symposium will be taking place in Shanghai and Beijing.
For further details please visit:

Congratulations to Gabriel Ménard! Gab has been awarded the Walter C. Sumner Fellowship and only 40 of these are awarded to Ph.D. students across Canada in the fields of Chemistry, Physics and Electronics. 

March - April 2010:

Welcome to our newest Visiting Researchers from Germany! Ilona Peuser, Mikheil Gogiashvili and Silke Froemel all are joining us for the spring/summer from the Universitat Muenster.

Congratulations to all of our students who have been awarded NSERCs and OGS grants!

February 2010:

Doug is featured in the University of Toronto's Edge Magazine's green issue. Doug talks about how the group is using hydrogenation to make strong rubbers without the use of metals, but instead using chemicals such as boron and nitrogen which are much more environmentally friendly. 

January 2010:

ChemComm released it's Top 10 Most Cited Communications for 2009 - two of which were from the Stephan Group!

To see which communications were made the list, please visit the ChemComm web site by clicking here.


December 2009:

As of January 2010, Doug will join the editorial board of the RSC journal: Chemical Society Reviews

November 2009:

Doug gave the opening lecture at the RIKEN Symposium of Organometallic and Main Group Chemistry (in Japan). Other invited speakers included: Guy Bertrand, Bob West, Phil Power, Greg Robinson and Tim Swager.

October 2009:

Congratulations to Juliette! Juliette has won an award in France for her research that she conducted over the summer while visiting our lab. Juliette has won an award in Prix du stage recherche X2006.

Doug was also in Russia this month to give a plenary lecture at the Russian Conference "Chemistry of Organoelement Compounds: Results and Prospects".

September 2009:

Welcome to our new lab additions! Jeff Farrell is our newest graduate student joining us from Saint Mary's University. Tanja Voβ joins us for a four month stay from Gerhard Erker's lab in Germany as a Visiting Research Student and also Michael Schedler is an exchange student from Johannes Gutenberg- Universitaet Mainz in Germany.

We also have two new undergraduate students joining the group - Robert Di Lorenzo and Conor Pranckevicius; both are students here at the University of Toronto.

August 2009:

Congratulations to Doug, Edwin and Universität Münster team on their newest paper "Reversible Metal-Free Carbon Dioxide Binding by Frustrated Lewis Pairs". This paper has also made the cover of the most recent edition of the Agnewandte Chemie International Edition.

This paper examines the "reversible binding of carbon dioxide" through increased temperature and further examines the "theoretical anaylsis of carbon dioxide binding by frustrated lewis pairs as a synchronous concerted reaction".

July 2009:

Edwin and Rebecca's paper "Complexation of Nitrous Oxide by Frustrated Lewis Pairs" was highlighted in the July 13th issue of the C&EN - Science Concentrates "Frustrated Couple Settles for Gases".

Additionally this paper has just been highlighted on the Nature Chemistry website in the Research Highlights section. 

June 2009:

Doug was invited to speak in three areas at the CSC in Hamilton. His talk for Organometallic chemistry was "Strategies to P-H and P-P Bond Activation", for Green chemistry he spoke about; "Frustrated Lewis Pairs: A New Paradigm for "Green" Metal-Free Catalysis", and for Main Group chemistry Doug lectured on "Frustrated Lewis Pairs: Reactivity of Olefins, Dienes and Alkynes".

Great work to everyone from the group who presented or was involved in the poster portion of the CSC.

Congratulations to Edwin Otten and Geartruda Wijbenga on their marriage!

Congratulations to Biggi Birkmann. Biggi has received the Deutscher Akademischer Austauch Dienst Postdoctoral Fellowship.

May 2009:

Congratulations to Greg Welch! Doug's former Ph.D. student who is currently a NSERC PDF at UC- Santa Barbara has been awarded the NSERC Doctoral Prize. Greg's thesis was the first to develop the notion of Frustrated Lewis Pairs.

We would like to welcome more people to our lab! Cheryl Tanur joins us as a summer research student from the University of Guelph, Cheryl will be a full-time Graduate student here at the University of Toronto in January 2010. Adam McKinty is our newest Graduate student, joining us from University of Alberta. Renan Cariou is our newest Postdoctoral Fellow who just completed his Ph.D. at Imperial College in London, England.

Congratulations to Sharonna Greenberg and Jonathan Bida on their marriage! 

 April 2009:

 Doug's article: Frustrated Lewis Pairs: A New Strategy to Small Molecule Activation  and Hydrogenation Catalysis  has made the cover of Dalton Transactions' May 2009  issue.
 We would like to welcome our new Postdoctoral Fellow to the group. Birgit Birkmann joins  us from Germany. We have two visiting students for the summer; Marcus Klahn from  Germany and Juliette Berthe from France and a summer NSERC undergraduate student  Fatme Dahcheh.

 Congratulations to Peter Sues for his 2nd place poster in the inorganic stream, at the 37th  SOUSCC. His poster was  titled: Frustrated Lewis Pairs? Investigation of Novel  Compounds Containing Boron and Nitrogen.

Congratulations to Clinton Lund! Clinton has been selected by the University of Saskatchewan, Department of Chemistry faculty to receive the Taube Medal for 2008-2009. The medal is based on academic record and achievements in research. In addition to this honour, Clinton has been nominated for the Governor-General's Gold Medal and the University of Saskatchewan's Graduate Thesis Award.

Congratulations to Steve Geier! Steve has been selected as the winner of the F.E. Beamish prize in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Toronto.

 March 2009:
 Congratulations to Doug! Doug was awarded a Killam Research Fellowhship for  Frustrated  Lewis Pairs: A New Paradigm for Reactivity and Catalysis. The Killam  Research Fellowship will allow Doug to focus on research for the next two years.
 To read the news release visit the Killam website.

February 2009:

Doug is featured in Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Vol 48, Issue 9 (p1535);  in the Author Profile section. Congratulations Doug! To view the article in full please click here.

We also, wish to welcome two new Postdoctoral Fellows to our group; Louisa Stanlake and  Jason Morton. Louisa joins us from UBC and Jason from Cornell.
 Dr. Preston Chase attended the conference for GreenCentre Canada at Queen's University 
 in Kingston, ON. To view the article please click here.

 Be sure to check out our second photo gallery and our publications archives.

January 2009:
Welcome to our new Graduate Students Mike Boone & Gabriel Ménard and Research Associate Todd Graham. Mike joins us from the University of Calgary and Gabriel from UBC.

 October 2008:

Doug in Korea


 September 2008:
Welcome our  new PDFs- Zach and Clinton!

September 2008: 

 Preston and Doug's new discovery in  FLP's reactivity has  made the front cover of Angew. Chem.  Int. Ed.  44(39).


 September 2008:  
He has been named the winner of the 2008 Young Boron Chemist Award at the International Boron Chemist meeting held in Plato  d'Aro Spain. This meeting is held every 3 years and this year attracted over 350 participants from around the world. Preston's award consists of a certificate and a 600 Euros prize. Preston's talk was on catalytic hydrogenation using frustrated Lewis pairs.

September 2008:
Welcome our new graduate students:
(left to right) Mike, Erin, Shokei and Kanwarpal

Welcome our undergraduate students:
 Front (L to R): Veronika and Eva
 Back: (L to R): Danny, Peter and Mike

August 2008:  
Congrats Steve on "Activation of H2 by Phosphinoboranes R2PB(C5F5)2",  JACS,                     130(38), 12632-33.

    August 2008:
Congrats Preston on being one of the finalists of  the Young Boron Chemists Award Competition! He will be         giving a talk at the XIII ime Boron conference in Platja d'Aro, Spain in September 2008

August 2008:
Sharonna's Stoichiometric and catalytic activation of P-H and P-P bonds, Chem. Soc. Rev. 37(8),             1482-1489 has made the Inside Front Cover- designed by David Stephan. Congrats Sharonna!

 July 2008:
  Meghan's full paper on "Biphenylamide Ligand complexes of Li and Al: hemilabile  arene donors?", Dalt. Trans., 2008, 4723–4731 has been published. Congrats,  Meghan!

July 2008:
Congratulations to Preston's newest communication: "Hydrogen and Amine Activation by a bulky N-heterocyclic carbene and B(C6F5)3  "Frustrated Lewis Pair"  designated as "Hot Paper" in Angew. Chem.

Our new PDF- Dr Edwin Otten has arrived!

Welcome Dr Meisu Zhao, a visiting scholar from Taiyuan University-China. She will be visiting our lab for 3 months.

May 2008: Stephan Group attended 91st CSC Conference in Edmonton May 24-28, 08

Congrats Raj on his new position!

Shammie graduates with M.Sc.! Congratulations!

Feb 2008: Anjan accepted his new position at Northern Nanotechnologies. Congratulations, Anjan!!!

November 2007: DWS named CRC at U of T
Congrats to Jason Masuda! Appointed Assistant Professor at St. Mary’s University!

September 2007 C&E News Concentrate - Metal-Free Catalytic Hydrogenation highlighted (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., DOI: 10.1002/anie.200702908) Read more...

August 2007: New NSERC-SRO Grant - This 3 year grant is entitled: Metal-Free Small Molecule Activation: A Breakthrough in Catalysis.

August 2007: Publication in Angew. Chem. Designated VIP - P.A. Chase, G.C. Welch, T. Jurca, D.W. Stephan, Metal-Free Catalytic Hydrogenation
July 26, 2007 Krishan Yadav MSc defense

July 2007: New NSERC-LANXESS CRD Grant - This 3 year grant targets Hydrogenation and Metathesis Catalysts

June 2007: Publication in Angew. Chem. Designated VIP - J.S.J. McCahill, G.C. Welch, D.W. Stephan, Reactivity of “Frustrated Lewis Pairs”: Three Component Reactions of Phosphine, Borane and Olefins

June 2007: Publication named to Top 50 NSERC Discoveries - G.C. Welch, R. San Juan, J.D. Masuda, D.W. Stephan, Reversible Metal-free Activation of Hydrogen, Science 314, 1124-1126.

April 2007: DWS accepts offer from U of T

November 2006: New NSERC-NOVA Chemicals CRD Grant - This 3 year grant targets High Temperature Olefin Polymerization Catalysts

November 2006: C&E News Concentrate - Revisable H2 Activation highlighted (Science 314, 1124, 2006).