University of Toronto
Stephan Research Group

Doug in Niagara-on-the-Lake visiting his barrel for the first time.

Doug with his Canadian Green Chemistry and Engineering Award at the CCE Conference in Niagara Falls.

Li, Doug, Chris, Tayseer and Judy on Li's last day.

Muenster Create Grant Meeting.
Werner Uhl, Monika Schoenhof, Doug and Ekke Hahn.

Group holiday potluck 2013.
Li, Yunshan, Ian, Shawn and Daniel W.

Group holiday potluck 2013.
Judy, Rashi, Roman D., Sarah, Michael, Chris and Conor.

Adam at the ISOM Conference - Nara Japan.

Blue Jays group outing - Tayseer, Lauren, Roman B., Jillian and Shanna.

Blue Jays vs Red Sox - Group outing.

Doug being inducted as a Fellow of the Royal Society by the Royal Society's President, Paul Nurse.

Doug signing the Royal Society Fellow's book.

Doug was surprised!

Doug's surprise birthday party.

Doug's surprise birthday party.

Doug at the Polymer Mixer - CSC 2013 Quebec City.

Doug at the Polymer Mixer - CSC 2013 Quebe City.

RSC Awards Symposium 2013 - Cardiff, Wales

RSC Awards Symposium 2013 - Cardiff, Wales

Dr. Shigehiro Yamaguchi and Shokei after her defense.

Fatme, Chris Ong and Adam in Germany.

Sam Yun, Mike Fryzuk and Derek Gates, CSC Calgary 2012.

Doug and Rebecca at Rebecca's graduation.

Doug lecturing at the ISHC in Toulouse, France.

Professor Pierre Dixneuf in the Loire Valley after Doug's lecture in Rennes.

Doug, Sjoerd Harder and Edwin in Groningen, Netherlands.

Stephanie being packed away in a box...

Shokei and Zach.

Zach and Professor Kawashima (University of Tokyo) at lunch.

Tayseer, Professor Kawashima and Rebecca.

Doug, Tayseer & Rebecca

Professor Takayuki Kawashima (University of Tokyo) and Doug at dinner.

Rebecca & Stephanie at the CSC (Montreal - 2011) with their poster competition winnings.

Lindsay enjoying one of the industry parties at the CSC (Montreal - 2011).

Zach, Jeff, Sanja, Adam, Chris Caputo and Lindsay at the CSC in Montreal.

Doug at a poster presentation (CSC 2011 - Montreal).

Jeff and Jason enjoying the potluck.

Stephan Group Christmas Potluck.

Doug as the Chemistry Department's Christmas Tree topper.

After dinner drinks at "Eat My Martini" for Sharonna's last day.
(Clockwise): Fatme, Vivien (Morris Group), Elena (Batey Group), Shanna, Cheryl,
Kate (Biology Department), Rebecca and Sharonna.

Jeff dressed as "Captain Highliner" for Halloween.

Cheryl dressed as "Fernando Torres" for Halloween.

Erin, Doug & Sharonna
At Erin & Sharonna's graduation.

Doug & Steve taking in a Blue Jays home game.

Stephan Group Members enjoying some jousting & dinner at Medieval Times.

Doug cheering on our Olympic athletes.

Edwin & Geartruda in Santa Barbara, California

"Chemistry of Organoelement Compounds: Results and Prospects Conference" - Moscow, Russia
(Left side, Front to Back): Christian Bruneau, Michi Suginome and Mireia Rodriguez
(Right side, Front to Back): Pierre Dixneuf, Doug and Dianne

"Lab Clean Up"

Stephan Group Cottage Weekend.

The AWESOME comic Katy found for Doug.

Edwin, Geartruda, Caroline, Alberto, Doug, Matthias, Mike S. and Rebecca
at Sharonna & Jonathan's wedding.

Jenny, Greg, Doug and Dianne in Santa Barbara.

Mike Boone and Preston at the pub.

Sharonna's birthday dim sum.

Greg Welch at his defense.

Osamah, Jenny and Greg.
The last three University of Windsor graduates.

Kelvin, Christoph and Erin.

Christoph's farewell.

Ian, Rebecca and Erin enjoying baseball.

Kelvin and Chris; Blue Jays vs Yankees.

Group outing.

Erin, Rebecca, Miranda, Meghan, Preston, Steve
Enjoying a group gathering over ice cream cake and root beer on a hot summer day.
Also showing; the new look of our group room.

Alberto, Steve, Preston, Rebecca and Kelvin 
Our first soccer night!

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