Actual research project

Materials, Polymer and Colloid chemistry

· Nanocomposite engineering using hierarchy of materials self-assembly
· Design of materials with tailored properties using self-assembly of nanoparticles
· Synthesis of well-defined monodisperse inorganic and polymer nanoparticles
· Soft lithography based approaches for substrates micropatterning
· Materials probing via fluorescent labeling and spectroscopy, optical characterization
· Photonic crystals devices based on self-assembly towards applications in telecommunications, optical sensors and chromatography
· Polymer synthesis via solution, emulsion and dispersion polymerization

Physical chemistry of surfaces, monolayers, thin films, liquid crystals

· Surface modification by self-assembly of surfactants and mixed silanes
· Polymer interactions and self-assembly in thin films and spatial confinements
· Rheological and tribological properties of thin polymer films
· Thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystals, chiral mesophases, polymer liquid crystals


Work: Dept. of Chemistry
University of Toronto
Lash Miller Building
80, St. George Street
M5S3H6 Toronto , Canada
Office: Room LM 308
Phone: 416-978-6722
Fax : 416 971 2011

Curriculum Vitae

  • September 2000 – present: Research Associate (since 9/02) and Postdoctoral Scientist, Chemistry Department, University of Toronto , Toronto , Ontario , Canada
    Research Area : Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Monodisperse Nanoparticles, their Technological Applications, Photonic Crystals
    Supervisor : Prof. G.A. Ozin
  • September 1995 – August 2000: Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Thesis Title : Rigid Rod Polymers in Confined Geometries
    Supervisor: Prof. E. Kumacheva
  • September 1990 – June 1995: Diploma (M.Sc. ) in Chemistry, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, Cum Laude
    Thesis Title : Phase State and Optical Properties of the Blends of Cholesteric Comb-shape LC Polymers
    Supervisors : Dr. N.I. Boiko, Prof. V.P. Shibaev
  • September 1983 – June 1990: High and secondary school #8, Nizhny Novgorod , Russia , silver medal


  • Selected Academic Awards

    1998-2000 Ontario Graduate Scholarships
    1997-1998 G. Gollop Memorial Scholarship
    1996-1998 University of Toronto Open Scholarships
    1995-1996 Connaught Scholarship
    1994-1995 George Soros Grants and Scholarships
    1993-1995 D.I. Mendeleev Stipends of Moscow State University

  • Other Academic Achievements

    Top 2% GRE subject score in Chemistry, October 1994
    1-st in rating in Analytical Chemistry (class of 180), MSU, 1992
    4-th in rating in Inorganic Chemistry (class of 180), MSU, 1991
    1-st place Inorganic Chemistry Competition (class of 180), MSU, 1991
    3-rd Diploma of Soviet Union Olympiad in Chemistry, 1990
    (secured admission into Chemistry Dept of any USSR University without entry exam)

Professional Affiliations

Member of Russian Liquid Crystalline Society “Community”

Teaching Experience
  • Supervised and directed graduate and undergraduate students in their research projects (1998-present)
  • Developed and presented tutorial on colloidal chemistry of monodisperse particles for members of Prof. G.A. Ozin's research group (2001-2002)
  • Teaching Assistant in General Chemistry, lab demonstrator (1995-1998)

Significant Scientific Accomplishments

  • Research in Laser Writing in Photonic Crystal Fibers (see refereed publication 14 below) produced a high scientific impact generating news headlines in top scientific journals:
  1. Drawing a line in silicon by Philip Ball, Nature , Vol. 424, p. 385 (2003)
  2. Carving a path for light by Philip Ball, Nature Materials Nanozone , web publication 24 July 2003 .
  • Research in Photonic Ink (see refereed publication 11 below) produced a high scientific impact with news headlines in top scientific journals:
  1. Ink changes colour at flick of a switch. Iridescent nanospheres may deliver full-colour electronic newspaper by Philip Ball, Nature News , web publication, 18 March 2003
  2. Multicolored Ink Color of nanocomposite colloidal crystal is solvent and redox tunable by Michael Freemantle, Chemical & Engineering News , Vol. 81, p.10, 28 March 2003 .
  • Paper Self-Assembled Surface Patterns of Binary Colloidal Crystals (see refereed publication 10 below) was First in Top 10 most read articles in Advanced Materials in January 2003 and Second in "The 10 most downloaded Advanced Materials Communications in the time period January-September 2003" (see Adv. Mater. Vol. 15, p. 1676 (2003).)
  • Paper Self-assembly of Polypeptides Molecules on Charged Surfaces. II. Effect of Side Chains (see refereed publication 8 below) received a cover page in Langmuir
  • Russian Academy of Science Best Publication Award Winner 1998, 1-st prize (see refereed publication 4 below).

Conference Contributions

1) 216 ACS National Meeting , August 23-28, 1998 , Boston , MA , USA ,
E. Kumacheva, V. Kitaev , “ Self-assembly of polypeptides on mica surface ”.

2) 216 ACS National Meeting , August 23-28, 1998, Boston, MA, USA, D. Sohn, K. Jang, V. Kitaev , “ Adsorption of poly ( g -stearyl-L-glutamate) on mica ”.

3) 29-th Canadian High Polymer Forum , August 18-21, 1998, Manoir St-Castin, Lac-Beauport, Quebec, E. Kumacheva, V. Kitaev , “ Self-assembly of poly ( g -benzyl-L-glutamate) on mica surface ”.

4) Gordon Research Conference “Organic Thin films ” , July 13-18, 1997, Salve Regina University, RI, USA, E. Kumacheva, V. Kitaev , “ Interfacial behavior of polypeptides ”.

List of publications

  • 19) N. Tetreault, A. Mihi, H. Miguez, I. Rodríguez, G. Ozin, F. Meseguer, V. Kitaev,
    Dielectric Planar Defects in Photonic Colloidal Crystal Films , Advanced Materials, accepted December 2003.
18) A. Arsenault, S. Fournier-Bidoz, B. Hatton, H. Miguez, N. Tetreault, E. Vekris, S. Wong, S. M. Yang, V. Kitaev , Geoffrey A Ozin, Towards the Synthetic All-Optical Computer: Science Fiction or Reality , Journal of Materials Chemistry , accepted December 2003.

17) G. von Freymann, S. John, M. Schultz, E. Vekris, N. Tetreault, S. Wong, V. Kitaev , G. Ozin, Tungsten Inverse Opals: the Influence of Absorption on the Photonic Band Structure in the Visible Spectral Region, Applied Physics Letters , accepted December 2003.

16) S. Wong, V. Kitaev , G.A. Ozin, Colloidal Crystal Films: Advances in Universality and Perfection , Journal of the American Chemical Society , Vol. 125, No 50, 15589-15598 (2003).

15) V. Kitaev , E. Kumacheva, Equilibrium and Dynamic Properties of Surface Gels formed by Rigid-Rod Macromolecules, Macromolecules, Vol. 36, No 13, 4924-4931 (2003).

14) N. Tétreault, H. Míguez, S.M. Yang, V. Kitaev, G.A. Ozin Refractive Index Patterns in Silicon Inverted Colloidal Photonic Crystal Fibers, Advanced Materials, Vol. 15, No 14, 1167-1172 (2003).

13) A.C. Arsenault, H. Míguez, V. Kitaev , G.A. Ozin, I. Manners T owards photonic ink (P-ink): A polychrome, fast response metallopolymer gel photonic crystal device. Macromolecular Symposia, Vol. 196, 63-69 (2003).  

12) H. Míguez, N. Tétreault, S.M. Yang, V. Kitaev , G.A. Ozin A New Synthetic Approach to Silicon Colloidal Photonic Crystals with a Novel Topology and an Omni-directional Photonic Band Gap: Micromolding in Inverse Silica Opal (MISO) , Advanced Materials Vol. 15, No. 7-8, 597-600 (2003).

11) A.C. Arsenault, H. Míguez, V. Kitaev , G.A. Ozin, I. Manners A Polychromic, Fast Response Metallopolymer Gel Photonic Crystal with Solvent and Redox Tunability: A Step Towards Photonic Ink (P-Ink ) Advanced Materials , Vol. 15, No. 6, 503-507 (2003).  

10) V. Kitaev , G.A. Ozin Self-Assembled Surface Patterns of Binary Colloidal Crystals , Advanced Materials, Vol. 15, No. 1, 75-78 (2003).

9) V. Kitaev , S. Fournier, S.M. Yang, G.A. Ozin, Internal photonic crystal lattice structures of planarized opal-patterned chips probed by laser scanning confocal fluorescence microscopy, Journal of Materials Chemistry , Vol.12, No 4, 966-970 (2002).

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4) N.I. Boiko, V.V. Kitaev , V.P. Shibaev, Phase State and Optical Properties of the Blends of Cholesteric Comb-shaped Copolymers , Vysokomolekulyarnye Soedineniya Seriya A & B Vol. 40, 1590-1597 (1998).

3) V. Kitaev , E. Kumacheva, Self-assembly of Polypeptides Molecules on Charged Surfaces. I. Effect of Polydispersity , Langmuir , Vol. 14, 5568-5572 (1998).

2) V. Kitaev , K. Schillen, E. Kumacheva , Supramolecular Structures of Poly ( g -benzyl-L-glutamate) Self-assembled on Mica Surface , Journal of Polymer Science , Part B: Polymer Physics, Vol. 36, 1567-1577 (1998).

1) N.I. Boiko, V.V. Kitaev , V.P. Shibaev, Specific Optical Properties of Blends of Cholesteric Copolymers , Liquid Crystals , Vol. 22, No. 6, 705-710 (1997).


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