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is the provincial capital of Ontario, and the largest city in Canada. It is located in Southern Ontario on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. With over 5 million residents in the metropolitan area, it is the seventh most populous city in North America. Toronto is at the heart of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and is part of a densely populated region in Southern Ontario known as the Golden Horseshoe, which is home to over 8.1 million residents —approximately 25% of Canada's population.

The Department

The Department of Chemistry located in the University of Toronto, one of the leading and recognized institutions in Canada. Established in 1859, our department takes pride in its teaching excellence, advanced research facilities and its development of distinguished scientists in the past and for the future



Dept. of Chemistry (office)
University of Toronto

+1 416 978 0675Telephone:
+1 416 978 8775FAX:

Dept. of Chemistry (lab)
University of Toronto

+1 416 9781372Telephone:
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Mailing address

Dept. of Chemistry
University of Toronto
80 St. George St.
Toronto, ON
M5S 3H6

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