Angela Hong
Hometown: Toronto, ON

Investigating environmentally relevant fluorinated atomspheric contaminants
  • PhD 2010-Present
  • HBSc Chemistry - 2006 (University of Toronto)

It is well known that changes in certain atmospheric constituents can result in the perturbation of the global climate system. In fact, many highly fluorinated compounds are inherently potent greenhouse gases as they possess long atmospheric lifetimes and exhibit exceptionally strong absorption bands in the IR spectral region where other naturally occurring greenhouse gases do not absorb due to the presence of C–F bonds. The radiative forcing associated halocarbons is relatively well characterized but this is precluded by our ability to identify radiatively important species. It is anticipated that there are unreported fluorinated compounds in the atmosphere that may be important greenhouse gases.

My research goals are to identify, measure, and elucidate the atmospheric chemistry of environmentally relevant fluorinated compounds in order to assess their potential impact on the climate system.

Aside from my research, I enjoy exploring the world through travel, food, and literature. Current distractions include tending to my vegetable and herb garden and practicing hands-free biking.