Field Campaigns
A quick look into some past work that the Mabury Group has done outside of the lab.

Alex Tevlin at the Farm
Summer-Fall, 2009

Cobourg, Ontario
  • Paper sludge applied to fields
  • Soil, plant and raw sludge samples taken from the field
  • Samples analyzed to elucidate trends of deposition and uptake as well as transformation of various perfouorinated surfactants

Cora Young at Devon Ice Cap
May, 2005

Devon Island, Nunavut
  • Collecting snowpit samples
  • Fractionation and analysis of samples allowed for time trends of perfluorinated acid deposition to be determined

Craig Butt in Resolute
July, 2004

Resolute Bay, Nunavut
  • Air samples collected with the help from Tom Harner and Terry Bidleman, for analysis of volatile perfluorinated compounds
  • Sediment core extracted from Char Lake with aid from Marianne Douglas (University of Toronto, Geology) and John Smol (Queen's University, Biology) and their respective lab groups
  • Sediment was sectionned and analyzed to examine temporal trends of perfluorinated acid deposition

Scott in Kuujjuarapik
Summer, 2002

Kuujjuarapik, Quebec