Current Collaborations

Alexander Romaschin
Keenan Research Center, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto

Detection of biomarkers for the early detection of disease states such as for ovarian cancer using biosensor technology. Assays of resistance of bacteria to drugs. Surface modification and biocompatibility of implantable stents.

Heyu Ni
Keenan Research Center, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto

Study of surface modification for prevention of thrombus on biomaterials. Confocal fluorescence microscope investigation of blood interaction with surfaces.

Paul Galvin
Tyndall National Institute and University College of Cork,
National University of Ireland, Ireland

Development of new acoustic wave device technology in terms of sensitivity and flow-through application. Surface modification of implantable needles for biomarker detection.

Peter Carlen
Toronto Western Research Institute, Fundamental Neurobiology

Development of biosensor for the detection of ion concentrations during epileptic seizures. Role of non-specific adsorption from cerebrospinal fluid.

Spectral Medical Inc., Toronto

Development of a biosensor for the detection of endotoxin in patient plasma. Design of a cartridge for the removal of endotoxin from blood.