Tom Tidwell

Recent Research Results from the Tidwell Laboratory

1. Generation of a stable antiaromatic ylide 21 from Wolff rearrangement of diazo ketone 20

Fu, N.; Allen, A. D.; Kobayashi, S.; Sequeira, P.; Shang, M.; Tidwell, T. T.; Mishima, M. “Observable Azacyclobutenone Ylides with Antiaromatic Character from 2-Diazoacetylazaaromatics” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2007 , 129 , 6210-6215.

2. Determination of kinetics of ring closure of an N-substituted bisketene by time resolved measurement of the decrease of the bisketene IR absorption with thermal reformation of the cyclobutenedione: Half-life 10 -6 sec

Fu, N.; Allen, A. D.; Kobayashi, S.; Tidwell, T. T.; Vukovic, S.; Arumugam, S.; Popik, V. V.; Mishima, M. “Amino Substituted Bisketenes: Generation, Structure, and Reactivity” J. Org. Chem. 2007 , 72 , 1951-1956.

3. The first preparation of observable ferrocenylketene and bisketenes

Aguilar-Aguilar, A.; Allen, A. D.; Peña-Cabrera, E.; Fedorov, A.; Fu, N.; Henry-Riyad, H.; Kobayashi, S.; Leuninger, J.; Schmid, U.; Tidwell, T. T.; Verma, R. “Ferrocenylketene and Ferrocenyl-1,2-bisketenes: Direct Observation and Reactivity Measurements” J. Org. Chem. 2005 , 71 , 9556-9561.

Fu, N.; Allen, A. D.; Kobayashi, S.; Tidwell, T. T. “First Preparation and Isolation of a Stable Ferrocenylketene” Arkivoc 2007 , (3) 143-150.