William F. Reynolds

Professor -- Physical Chemistry

Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories
80 St. George St.
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada   M5S 1A1

Phone: (416)-978-3563
Fax: (416)-978-8775
Office: Lash Miller, Room 147
E-mail: bgranozi@chem.utoronto.ca

Research Interests

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is probably the single most widely-used spectroscopic method with applications from Physics to Medicine. Our research concentrated on development of improved methodology for NMR specifically in the area of multi-dimensional NMR. There are three main aspects of this work. The first involves the development of improved multi-dimensional NMR pulse sequences, specifically for structure elucidation (e.g. see reference 1). The second involves the fundamental understanding of these sequences and particularly the circumstances under which unexpected peaks may be generated (e.g. see reference 2). The third involves the development of `artificial intelligence' software for multi-dimensional NMR in which the spectrometer computer is programmed to pose a series of questions to the user, and based on the answers to these questions, chooses the optimum parameters for the particular experiment. This is designed to make the extremely powerful new NMR techniques more accessible to users who are not highly trained spectroscopists.

Selected Publications and References

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