Curriculum Vitae

One Page CV (pdf)
9 Page Longer CV (pdf)


PhD, University of British Columbia, Brian James:
"Rhodium and Iridium Sulfoxide Complexes in Catalysis," 1978
BSc (Co-op), University of Waterloo, 1975

Professional Positions

Chair, Chemistry, July 2010-June 2013
Interim Chair, Chemistry, July 2009-June 2010
Acting Chair, Chemistry, July-Dec 2008
Professor, University of Toronto, 1989-present
Associate Professor, University of Toronto, 1985-1989
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, 1980-1985
PDF, NATO, Penn. State University, Greg Geoffroy, 1980
PDF, Nitrogen Fixation Lab, University of Sussex, Joe Chatt and G. J. Leigh, 1979

Courses Taught



CHM432F/CHM1204F Organometallic Chemistry
CHM437S/CHM1253S Bioinorganic Chemistry


CHM1258F Reactions of Coordinated Ligands



CHM151Y (1/3) - Chemistry: The Molecular Science
CHM338F - Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry
CHM435S/1207S - Coordination Chemistry (Inorganic Stereochemistry)
CHM437F - Bioinorganic Chemistry
CHM439Y - Introduction to Research


CHM1209S (part) - Structural Methods in Inorganic Chemistry
CHM1263S - Biological Inorganic Chemistry
CHM1258 - Reactions of Coordinated Ligands
CHM1261S - (part) Topics In Inorganic Chemistry
CHM1271S - (part) Frontiers In Inorganic Chemistry

Contact Info

Prof. Robert H. Morris, FCIC, FRSC
Department of Chemistry
80 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3H6

Tel: 416-978-6962
Office: DB344


Canadian Green Chemistry and Engineering Award, 2017
Royal Society of Chemistry Inorganic Mechanisms Award, 2017
Killam Research Fellow, 2015-2017
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, 2005
Can. J. Chem. Advisory Board 1997-2000
Dalton Trans. Advisory Board, 1996-1998
CSC Pure or Applied Chemistry Award, 1998
CSC Alcan Lecture Award for Outstanding Research in Inorganic Chemistry, 1995
RSC Rutherford Medal in Chemistry for Oustanding Research, 1991