Visiting Professors


Ali Nemati

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry,
School of Chemistry, University of Tehran
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Visiting Professor, University of Toronto,
Sept 2018-present

Postdoctoral Researchers


Eric Keske

BSc Chemistry, University of Western Ontario, 2005-2009

PhD Chemistry, Queen's University, 2009-2015

NSERC PDF, University of Edinburgh, 2015-2018

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto, Nov 2018-Present

Graduate Students


Matthew Gradiski

BSc Chemistry, York University, 2012-2016

PhD Student, University of Toronto,
Sept 2016-present

Benjamin Rennie

BSc Chemistry, University of Alberta, 2013-2017

MSc Student, University of Toronto,
Sept 2017-present


David Schnieders

BSc Chemistry, WWU Münster, 2011-2014

MSc Chemistry, WWU Münster, 2014-2016

PhD Student, WWU Münster, Oct 2016-present

Exchange PhD Student, Sept 2018-Present


Chris Seo

BSc Biological Chemistry, University of Toronto Scarborough, 2011-2015

PhD Student, University of Toronto,
Sept 2015-present


Molly Sung

BSc Chemistry, University of British Columbia, 2009-2014

PhD Candidate, University of Toronto,
Sept 2014-present


Brian Tsui

BSc Chemistry, University of Toronto, 2012-2016

PhD Student, University of Toronto,
Sept 2016-present

Undergraduate Students

Sofia Jdanova

BSc Chemistry, University of Toronto,

NSERC Student, May 2018-Aug 2018
CHM499 Student, Sept 2018-Present

Maegan Ong

BSc Chemistry, University of Toronto,

CHM499 Student, Sept 2015-present

Positions Available

There are graduate student positions available. Please see this page for more information on degree programs and admissions requirements.

Past Members

Visiting Professors

Prof. Faraj Hasanayn, American University of Beirut, Sept 2011-July 2012

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Paraskevi Lagaditis
Dr. Afrooz Zirakzadeh, Visiting Scholar, Technische Universität Wien
Dr. Weiwei Zuo, Assistant Professor, Donghua University
Dr. Nils Meyer, Chemtura Organometallics GmbH Technology, Germany
Dr. Christine Sui-Seng, Phenomenex, France
Dr. Datong Song, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Dr. Rongwei Guo, Chief Scientific Officer, Namëna, Mississauga
Dr. Kamal Abdur-Rashid, President and CTO at Kamal Pharmachem, Toronto
Dr. Dmitri Goussev, Professor, Wilfred Laurier University, Ont
Dr. Wei Xu, Research Scientist, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Ravi Ramachandran, Head, Seedcare Institute, North America at Syngenta
Dr. Philip Jessop, Professor and Canada Research Chair, Queen's University, Kingston
Dr. Gouchen Jia, Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Dr. Hormoz Azizian, Director of Technology at NIR Technologies Inc.
Dr. Mahmoud (aka Mike) Shiralian, Heavy Metals Soil Remediation Consultant

Graduate Students

Karl Demmans (PhD 2018), Postdoctoral Fellow at CISCOMP NMR
Florian Kampert, Visiting PhD Student 2018 (Prof. F. Ekkehardt Hahn), IRTG 2027 Exchange Program, WWU Münster
Thibault Tannoux, (Exchange MSc from University de Rennes 1, 2018)
Kai Wan (PhD 2018), Senior Consultant at Trindent Consulting
Samantha Smith (PhD 2018), Development Scientist at Green Center Canada
Jenny Linde, Visiting PhD Student 2017-2018 (Prof. F. Ekkehardt Hahn), IRTG 2027 Exchange Program, WWU Münster
Tristan Tan, Visiting PhD Student 2017 (Prof. F. Ekkehardt Hahn), IRTG 2027 Exchange Program, WWU Münster
Anne Luepke, (Exchange MSc from Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, 2016-2017)
Jan Unsleber, Visiting PhD Student 2016 (Prof. Dr. Johannes Neugebauer), IRTG 2027 Exchange Program, WWU Münster
Elvira Bergen, (Exchange MSc from Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, 2015-2016)
Florian Roelfes, Visiting PhD Student 2015 (Prof. F. Ekkehardt Hahn), IRTG 2027 Exchange Program, WWU Münster
Demyan Prokopchuk (PhD 2015), Assistant Professor, Rutgers University, USA
Heiko Rebmann, (Exchange MSc from Universität Konstanz, 2014-2015)
Jessica Sonnenberg (PhD 2014), Consultant at Boston Consulting Group
Peter Sues (PhD 2014), Assistant Professor, Kansas Sate University, USA
Paraskevi Lagaditis (PhD 2013), Postdoctoral Fellow with Laurel Schafer
Kanghee Park (MSc 2013), Software Engineer at Facebook
Alexandre Mikhailine (PhD 2012), Research Scientist at Johnson Matthey Catalysis and Chiral Technology, Cambridge MA
Wing Nien (Wylie) O (PhD 2011), Manager, Product Development and R&D, Innonix Technologies Limited, Hong Kong
Alba Collado Martinez (visiting PhD student from University of Zaragoza), May-Aug 2010
Marco Zimmer-De Iuliis (PhD 2009), Assistant Professor - Teaching Stream, University of Toronto Scarborough
Sean Clapham (PhD 2007), Science and Math Lecturer, George Brown College
Alen Hadzovic (PhD 2006), Associate Professor of Chemistry, Teaching Stream, University of Toronto
Tianshu Li (PhD 2005), Researcher, Kärlsruhe Intitute of Technology
Terry Fedorkiw (MSc 2003), Marketing Manager at Nelson Education
Justin Hinman (MSc 2001), Forensic Scientist
Sandra Trentowsky (MSc 2000), High School Teacher
Adrian Lee (MSc 1999), High School Teacher
Shaun Landau (MSc 1999), Director of Product Solutions at LightWing Partners Inc
Tina Fong (PhD 1999), Project Manager, Therapure Biopharma Inc.
Cameron Forde (PhD 1997), Undergraduate Advisor and Recruiter, Department of Physics, Simon Fraser University
Marcel Schlaf (PhD 1996), Professor, University of Guelph
Tanya Bartucz, (Harvard Law, Patent Law), Toronto
Pat Maltby (MSc 1988, PhD 1993), Science Teacher at East York Collegiate Institute
Tim Burrow (MSc 1989, PhD 1993), University of Toronto NMR service
Caroline Schweitzer (MSc 1989, PhD 1993), Chief Operating Officer, Digital Specialty Chemicals, Toronto
Samantha Drouin (MSc 1991), Teacher (PhD U. Ottawa 2003), Patent examiner, Industry Canada
Paul Cappellani (MSc 1990), Royal Plastics, Brantford
Natalie Lazarowych (MSc 1985, PhD 1989), Director of Project Management, Dalton Pharma Services, Toronto
Maria Bautista (MSc 1988), Patent Attorney at Cabot Corporation, Boston
Andrea Sella (MSc 1988), Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, University College London
Kelly Earl-Luck (MSc 1987), Senior Scientist at CSS-Dynamac Corporation, Hancock, Michigan
Rudy Luck (PhD 1987), Associate Professor, Michigan Technological University

Undergraduate Students

Max Olson, Nina-Francesca Farac, 2017-2018
Vanessa Lee, 2016-2017
Jay Lee, Oliver Ko, Jacob Schneidewind and Albert Xu, 2015
Lim Martin Yang, 2015
Savyo Souza Santana, 2014
Sebastian Tauer, 2013-2014
Young Li, Roy Posaratnanathan, Julio Cesar Terra, Brian Tsui, 2013
Hisashi Ohara, 2009-2011
Mazharul Maishan, 2010
Katharina Mack, Eva Woltmann, 2008-2009
Fatme Dahcheh, Ali Rizvi, 2008
Ben Thomas, Carsten Dingels, Valerie Reuss, Xiaoxi Zhao, Angelo Karantza, Riccardo Iafrate, 2007-2008
Amina Mulani, Xiaoxi Zhao, Nina Ivanova, Nipa Haque, Friederike Freutel, Dennis Dalmas, Sion Atkins, 2006-2007
Ester Pierce, Christina Maclaughlin, Katherine Waterston, Johannes Klos, Duncan Moore, 2004-2005
Marco Zimmer-De Iuliis, Lauren Hails, Ines Bergner, Christian Elpelt, 2003-2004
Barbara Skrela, Nailyn Rasool, 2003
Robert Abbel, Marco Zimmer-De Iuliis, Leonie Soltay, 2002-2003
Kai Groh, William Au, 2001-2002
Sean Clapham, Marc Eberhardt, Michael Faatz, Sonia Yusuf, 2000-2001
Birgit Kranke, Alex Roeche, Britta Boden, Andrew Amborski, Sean Clapham, 1999-2000
Erin Baker, Oliver Schmitt, 1998-1999 many many others!

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