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Friday, April 12
Saturday, April 13
Sunday, April 14








Session I: Oral presentations
      Speaker: J. Israelachvili

Buffet dinner

Session II: Oral presentations
     Speaker: R. Williams

Informal discussions/pub night

Session III: Oral presentations
      Speaker: S. Xie

Coffee break

Session IV: Oral presentations
      Speaker: G. Walker


Session V: Oral presentations
      Speaker: F. Sachs

Session VI: Poster presentations

Banquet Dinner Click for menu

Session VII: Oral presentations
      Speaker: N. Petersen

Coffee break

Session VIII: Oral presentations
      Speaker: D. Astumian

Lunch - Dim Sum in Chinatown





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Oral Presentations (Click here for up to date PDF version )

Friday April 12:

Session I:

Subtleties and differences in the interactions of biological and non-biological molecules and surfaces.
Jacob N. Israelachvili (University of California, Santa Barbara) Title: TBA

Session II:

Multiphoton microscopy of intrinsic fluorophores and nonlinear scatterers in live tissue.
Rebecca M. Williams (Developmental Resource for Biophysical Imaging Optoelectronics, Cornell University)

Phase-Separated Phospholipid Monolayers: Nanoscale Surface Templates for Selective Protein Adsorption.
Antonella Badia, Patricia Moraille (Department of Chemistry, Université de Montréal)

A chemical mechanism of biological morphogenesis: the role of the flow-distributed oscillator (FDO) mechanism in axial segmentation.
Michael Menzinger, Mads Kaern (Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto)

Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization with a Femtosecond Laser as the Energy Source.
Vahan A Senekerimyan, Evgeny Sudachenko, Matt Comstock, Marcos Dantus (Chemistry Dept, Michigan State University)

Saturday April 13

Session III:

Single-Molecule Enzymatic and Conformational Dynamics.
Xiaoliang Sunney Xie (Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University)

Flexible Docking in the Signal Transduction Protein CheY
Marina G. Guenza (Dept. of Chemistry, Institute of Theoretical Science, and Materials Science Institute, University of Oregon)

Molecular mechanism of proton transport in dioxolane-linked gramicidin channels.
Ching-Hsing Yu, Régis Pomès (The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto)

Session IV:

Measuring the adhesion and folding forces of single proteins, homopolymers, and DNA on surfaces.
Gilbert C. Walker (Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh)

Kinetic model of DNA replication in eukaryotic organisms.
John Bechhoefer(1), John Herrick(2), Suckjoon Jun(1), Aaron Bensimon(2) ((1) Dept. of Physics, Simon Fraser University (2) Labo. de Biophysique de l'ADN, Département des Biotechnologies, Institut Pasteur)

Peeling back the onion of liposomal gene delivery.
David T Cramb, Zoya Leonenko, Susan Lees-Miller*, Dennis Merkle* (Departments of Chemistry and Biological Sciences*, University of Calgary)

Session V:

Dynamic AFM of cells.
Fred Sachs (Department of Physiology and Biophysics, SUNY)

Fluorescence and Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of Lipid Rafts in Model Membranes.
Linda J. Johnston, Chunbo Yuan, Pierre Burgos, Zhengfang Lu (Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences, National Research Council Canada)

Surface Denaturation and Amyloid Fibril Formation of Insulin at Model Lipid/Water Interfaces.
James S. Sharp, James A. Forrest, Richard A. L. Jones (Department of Physics, Univrsity of Waterloo)

Single Molecule Imaging of Supported Planar Lipid Bilayer-Reconstituted Insulin Receptors By in situ Scanning Probe Microscopy.
Andrea Slade, Jeanne Luh, Sylvia Ho, Christopher M. Yip (Centre for Studies in Molecular Imaging, Dept. of Biochem., Dept. of Chem. Eng. & Appl. Chem., Inst. of Biomat. & Biomed. Eng.)

Polyelectrolytes at Lipid Bilayer Surfaces: Conformations and Consequences.
Peter M. Macdonald (Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto)

Sunday April 14

Session VII

Measuring dynamics of intermolecular interactions on cell surfaces.
Nils O. Petersen (The University of Western Ontario, Department of Chemistry)

Two-Photon Image Correlation Spectroscopy Studies of Adhesion Receptor Transport and Clustering in Living Cells.
Paul W. Wiseman (McGill University, Department of Chemistry and Department of Physics)

Studies of Cytoskeletal Assisted Motion of Mitochondria in Live Cells by Fourier Imaging Correlation Spectroscopy and Digital Video Microscopy.
Andrew H. Marcus, Michelle K. Knowles, Roderick A. Capaldi (Department of Chemistry, Institute of Molecular Biology and Materials Science Institute, University of Oregon)

Session VIII

Protein Conformational Fluctuations and Free-energy Transduction.
R. Dean Astumian (Department of Physics, University of Maine)

Hydrophobic Interactions in Protein folding: Temperature-Dependence and (Anti-)Cooperativity.
Seishi Shimizu, Hue Sun Chan (Department of Biochemistry and Department of Medical Genetics & Microbiology, University of Toronto)

Minimal models and protein structures.
Jeff Z.Y. Chen, H. Imaruma (Department of Physics, University of Waterloo)

Instructions for oral presentations:

The Oral Sessions will take place on the days indicated above, in the Koffler Auditorium (located on the main floor of Koffler Institute for Pharmacy (569 Spadina Avenue). An overhead projector, slide projector, and LCD projector will be availible for use by the speakers. The time limit for the contributed talks will be a fairly strict 15 minutes. There will be time for 5 minutes of questions following each presentation.

Poster Presentations Click here to read all submitted abstracts

April 13

Session VI

P1. Observing Mitochondrial Dynamics using Fourier Imaging Correlation Spectroscopy.
Michelle K Knowles, Andrew H Marcus (Chemistry Department, University of Oregon)

P2 Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of Phase Separation in DPPC/DLPC Monolayer Films.
Jacqueline Sanchez, Antonella Badia (Department of Chemistry, Université de Montréal)

P3 Halothane-lipid bilayer interactions: a fluorescence and uv-vis study.
David T Cramb, Anna Carnini (Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary)

P4 Conformational Analysis of a Photo-controlled Peptide.
Darcy C. Burns, Daniel G. Flint, Janet Kumita, Jack Zhang, Oliver S. Smart, G. Andrew Woolley (Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories, University of Toronto)

P5 Statistically derived minimal side-chain conformations for accurate and functional protein representation.
Jan K. Rainey, M. Cynthia Goh (Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto)

P6 Single molecule optical and electrical detection of gramicidin channel gating.
Vitali Borisenko, Tyler Lougheed, Jan Hesse, Niels Fertig, Jan C. Behrends, Andrew Woolley, Gerhard J Schuetz (University of Toronto, University of Linz, University of Munich)

P7 Probing the Forces that Hold Double Stranded DNA Together.
Bernie D. Sattin, M. Cynthia Goh (Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto)

P8 Collagen Fibrils on Micropatterned Surfaces: Surface effects on morphology.
Erika F. Merschrod S., M. Cynthia Goh (Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto)

P9 Heterodyne Detected 4-wave Mixing Studies of Protein Dynamics: Solution to the Phase Problem in Photothermal Spectroscopy.
Ralph K. R. Phillips, M. Plazanet, J. P. Ogilvie, R. J. D. Miller (University of Toronto)

P10 Ultrafast electron diffraction: Towards a probe of molecular reaction dynamics.
Jason R. Dwyer, Bradley J. Siwick, Robert E. Jordan, R.J. Dwayne Miller (Departments of Chemistry & Physics, University of Toronto)

P11 Atomic and Group Properties of the Genetically-Encoded Amino Acids and their Correlations to Physicochemical and Biological Properties.
Chérif F. Matta (a), Richard F. W. Bader (b) ((a) Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto; (b) Chemistry Department, McMaster University)

P12 Time-Resolved Photothermal Beam Deflection with Photoreceptors.
Ingolf Michler, Silvia E. Braslavsky (Dept. of Chemistry, University of Toronto)

P13 Investigation of T7 Phage transcription initiation using an on-line acoustic wave biosensor.
Christine N. Jayarajah, Michael Thompson (Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto)

P14 Efficient Free Energy Simulations For Rational Drug Design.
Tomas Rodinger, Régis Pomès, P. Lynne Howel (Structural Biology and Biochemistry, University of Toronto)

P15 Structure of alanine dipeptide in mixture of solvents.
Styliani Constas, Athanassios Stavrakoudis (Department of Chemistry, University of Western Ontario)

P16 Control of multi-photon processes in molecules with phase modulated femtosecond pulses.
Vadim V. Lozovoy, Igor Pastirk, Kathy Walowicz, Marcos Dantus (Michigan State University)

P17 Single fibronectin adhesion molecule folding forces.
Yujie Sun, Pamela Y Meadows, Jason E Bemis and Gilbert C Walker (Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh)

P18 Light Harvesting Dynamics in a Photosynthetic Cryptophyte Algae.
Alexander B. Doust, Christopher N. J. Marai and Gregory D. Scholes (Dept. of Chemistry, University of Toronto)

P19 Primary Processes in the Photolysis of Carboxymyoglobin.
Jennifer Ogilvie, Michael Armstrong, Michael Cowan, Andrea Nagy, R. J. Dwayne Miller (Departments of Chemistry and Physics, University of Toronto)

P20 Interaction forces of single ssDNA molecules with a charged surface and near-field infrared imaging of patterned DNA monolayers.
Boris B. Akhremitchev, Larissa Stebounova, Yujie Sun, Gilbert C Walker (Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh)

P21 Cis and trans interactions between glucocerebroside and cerebroside sulfate.
Awa Dicko, Yew Meng Heng, Joan M. Boggs (Department of Structural Biology and Biochemistry, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto)

P22 Electrochemical investigation of role of potential in determining lipid monolayer properties.
Dan Bizzotto, Jeff Shepherd, Robin Stoodley, O. John Agak, K. Wasan (Dept of Chemistry, University of British Columbia)

P23 Correlations and origin synchrony in DNA replication in eukaryotic organisms.
Suckjoon Jun(1), John Bechhoefer(1), John Herrick(2), Aaron Bensimon(2) ((1) Dept. of Physics, Simon Fraser University (2) Labo. de Biophysique de l'ADN, Département des Biotechnologies, Institut Pasteur)

P24 The Sequence-Specific Association of the ETS Domain of Murine PU.1 with DNA Exhibits Unusual Energetics.
Gregory M. K. Poon, Robert B. Macgregor, Jr. (Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto)

P25 Nearest-neighbor approach for activation volume of DNA helix-coil transition.
David N. Dubins, Robert B. Macgregor, Jr. (Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Toronto)

P26 A Statistical Mechanical Model for Hydrogen Bonded Networks of Water Molecules.
Jia Ke Sun, Régis Pomès (Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto)

Instructions for poster presentations:

The Poster Sessions will take place on Saturday April 14th from 4:30 - 7:00 pm in the Davenport Atrium that is located on the third floor of Lash Miller (80 St.George Street). Poster Abstracts may be submitted on-line via the appropriate link on this web-site (click here). The first of the two sessions will be from 4:30 - 5:45pm and the second is from 5:45 - 7:00pm. Velcro for your posters will be provided on Friday during registration. The poster boards are 4' wide and 6' long. Please put your posters up at your convenience between the times of 2:00 - 4:30 pm prior to the poster session.

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