Chemical Biophysics Symposium - April 8-10, 2005
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2005 Organizing Committee

Student Chair - Gabriel Hanna.                                          Phone: (416) 946-7849

Faculty Chair - David McMillen (U of T at Mississauga).   Phone: (905) 828-5353.           webpage

Faculty members

Cécile Fradin (McMaster)      webpage
Cynthia Goh (U of T)             webpage
Raymond Kapral
(U of T)      webpage
Dwayne Miller
(U of T)          webpage
Anja Nohe (Maine)                 webpage
Jeremy Schofield (U of T)       webpage
Gilbert Walker (U of T)          webpage

Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Darren Anderson
Gwyn Curran-Sills
Jordan Dinglasan
Tieneke Dykstra
Alioska Escorcia
Catherine Greenhalgh
Robbie Grunwald
Aaron Kelly
Richard Kil
Peter Ko
Andrea Nagy
Jan Rainey
Mayrose Salvador
Nicolas Taulier

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