“Bring together Physicists, Chemists, Biologists and Mathematicians to stimulate the exchange of ideas ”

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The Chemical Biophysics Symposium is a student organized conference now in its eigth year of providing an informal venue for discussions of topics bridging the physical and biological sciences. Past Symposia have been marked by a strong multi-disciplinary turnout including biologists, chemists, physicists, mathematicians, and other more exotic species; lively (but good-natured!) debates during panel discussions and question periods; a lavish Saturday evening banquet; and stellar lineups of prominent invited speakers. We hope to continue this tradition this coming spring (April 24-26, 2009), and we encourage all interested faculty, postdocs, and students to attend.

Useful Information

Presentation Info

Contributed talks are allotted 20 minutes. The suggested presentation time is to talk for 15 minutes, and allow for 5 minutes to address questions.
There will be a VGA switch for the projector, so, just prior to the beginning of your session, we ask that all speakers set up their laptops in the front.

Poster Set-up

Posters will be on display on Saturday. There will be two poster sessions ( Odd + Even Poster Numbers). Your number can be found here.
Poster setup can be done as you come in on the Saturday morning, prior to the first Talks session. Or, you can set up your poster at the beginning of the first poster session.

Parking info

Here is a parking map of UT.
Bahen Centre (BA): Note, you need to find the stairway exit, not the elevator exit because the elevator exit leads to inside the building, which is closed off.
Rotman Building (RT)
Graduate House (GD)
You might also try King's College Circle, but not sure about overnight parking.
The building codes I am referring to are found here.

Poster Number

A list of poster number assignments by last name is available here.