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CHM136H Introductory Organic Chemistry I (formerly CHM138H)

TitleCHM136H Introductory Organic Chemistry I (formerly CHM138H)
Schedule3 lectures
3 (A) labs
1 tutorials
Notes: Offered in Fall & Winter. CHM135H may not be taken with CHM136H in the same session.
TopicsThis course is recommended for students in the life and health science programs. The course commences with a review of fundamental principles in covalent bonding to understand the structure and shape of organic molecules; the concepts of molecular conformation as well as the "handedness" of shape are introduced. The relationship between the structure of organic molecules and their reactivity is then presented. This relationship will be illustrated by examining the mechanisms by which the organic chemistry of alkenes, alkyl halides and alcohols takes place. The role of acid/base chemistry in these reactions is presented throughout.
BackgroundExclusions: CHM138H, CHM151Y, CHM242H5, CHMB41H3
Pre-requisites: Chemistry SCH4U; Mathematics MHF4U + MCV4U
Co-requisites: MAT135H/135Y/137Y/157Y recommended, but may be required pre-requisite in 2nd year Chemistry courses; PHY(131H, 132H)/(151H, 152H) recommended.
  1. J. McMurry, ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 9th ed, Brooks/Cole, 2015
    (plus accompaying Study Guide, Solutions Manual and Organic flashware)
    8th edition will be supported.
Lab FeeThis course charges a lab fee
Course SpokespersonAndrew P. Dicks, Rm: LM 118, Ph: 416-946-8003
C. Scott Browning, Rm: LM 220, Ph: 416-946-7380
LecturerAndrew P. Dicks, Rm: LM 118, Ph: 416-946-8003
Datong Song, Rm: DB 343, Ph: 416-978-7014 / fax 416-978-7013
Dwight Seferos, Rm: LM 616, Ph: 416-946-0285
C. Scott Browning, Rm: LM 220, Ph: 416-946-7380
Mitchell Winnik, Rm: LM 520, Ph: 416-978-6495 / fax 416-978-0541

Fall: A. Dicks, D. Song, D. Seferos
Fall evening: A.Dicks, TBA, M. Winnik
Winter: S. Browning, M. Winnik
Spokesperson: A. Dicks (Fall), S. Browning (Winter)
Lab InstructorCecilia Kutas, Rm: LM 221, Ph: 416-978-8796
Cecilia Kutas, Rm: LM 221, Ph: 416-978-8796
Course OutlineCHM136H1 - OUTLINE - Fall 2017.pdf
CHM136H1 - OUTLINE - Winter 2018.pdf
Course WeblinkCourse Info
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