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CHM151Y Chemistry: The Molecular Science

TitleCHM151Y Chemistry: The Molecular Science
Schedule3 lectures
3.5 labs
1 tutorials
TopicsThe first section of the course is an intensive study of the principles of structure and reactions of organic molecules, as well as an introduction to the importance of organic molecules in biological processes. The next section introduces methods of structure determination, and the properties and uses of inorganic elements including novel materials and catalysts. Finally, the last section covers the physical chemical principles that underlie molecular structure, reactivity and energy.

The laboratory provides an introduction to important chemical techniques as well as practical illustrations of lecture material. It consists of several experiments over the year and provides experience in physical chemistry, organic and inorganic chemical reactions.

An added distinguishing feature of CHM151Y is that we assume a knowledge of introductory organic chemistry as outlined in the Ontario Grade 12 curriculum, more specifically the first three chapters of "Organic Chemistry" by J. McMurry, the required organic chemistry text for the course.
BackgroundExclusions: CHM135H, CHM136H, CHM138H, CHM139H, CHMA10H3, CHMA11H3, CHMB41H3, CHM110H5, CHM120H5
Pre-requisites: Chemistry SCH4U, Mathematics MHF4U + MCV4U; Physics SPH4U recommended
Co-requisites: PHY(131H, 132H)/(151H, 152H) recommended, but may be required pre-requisite in 2nd year courses; MAT(135H, 136H)/137Y/157Y
  1. J. McMurry, ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 9th ed, Brooks/Cole, 2012 (plus accompanying Study Guide and Solutions)
  2. M.S. Silberberg, CHEMISTRY: THE MOLECULAR NATURE OF MATTER AND CHANGE, 8th ed, McGraw Hill, 2012 (or Canadian edition)
  1. Silberberg, SOLUTIONS MANUAL
Lab FeeThis course charges a lab fee.
LecturerC. Scott Browning, Rm: LM 220, Ph: 416-946-7380
Al-Amin Dhirani, Rm: LM 254, Ph: 416-946-5789
Mark Lautens, Rm: DB 359, Ph: 416-978-6083
Course OutlineCHM151Y1 - OUTLINE - Fall Winter 2017-18.pdf
Last Updated2018-07-04 10:02:26

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